Disorder Identification Essay

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Disorder Identification

Read the following case scenarios and 1) decide which disorders are being described AND 2) justify how you arrived at your decision. (please see the end of this document for the list of possible diagnoses that you may select from) ((½ point for correctly identifying the disorder, ½ point for justification = 12 points total).

1. Jill is terrified of flying. She has never been on vacation because there are no fun places within driving distance of her home. She recently turned down a job promotion that she really wanted because the new position would require her to fly across the country several times a year.

2. 15 years-old Jamie is intelligent, ...view middle of the document...

The whole process takes her about 2 hours. She also puts a special cover on her bed so that “germs won’t get in it.”

5. Malika is a mystery. She experiences a sudden loss of memory, left her home in New York, moving away from her husband and family, and traveled to Georgia where she established new life and identity for herself. Although Malika knew which town she was in and the current date, she could not recognize her past and has no memory of her life in New York. She has filled her mind with bogus memories that she doesn’t realize are not genuine.

6. Roy has not been feeling himself for the past 3 weeks. He lays in bed all day because he does not have the energy to get up and because he feels worthless and guilty for “being a burden to everyone.” His family reported that he appears to have lost a significant amount of weight and seems to have lost interest in doing most things.

7. Mia was at the bank to cash a paycheck when two armed men held up the bank. Before the ordeal ended with the cops arresting the two burglars, Mia witnessed another customer being shot and killed by the men. Since this tragic event, Mia has been unable to enter a bank. She wakes up often throughout the night with nightmares of being shot. Her administrative position requires her to make the bank deposits for the small company she works for. However, she has been unable to complete this duty.

8. Stephanie is driving her car and signing along with the radio. She is feeling happy when suddenly and without warning, she begins to tremble and sweat, then her heart starts pounding and she feels nauseous and very dizzy. She was convinced that she was having a heart attack right there in her car. Although in different situations, these sorts of symptoms have occurred on enough occasions that Stephanie fears that she will feel this way again in the future.

9. For months, as Len drives to work, he has been plagued by worries that an airplane will fall from the sky and crash into his car. Even though he is distressed over these obsessive thoughts, he cannot...

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