Disparity And Discrimination Essay

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Disparity and Discrimination
When we refer to disparity vs discrimination they are similar, both meaning lack of similarity and or inequality. Even though, in the criminal justice sytsem these words have diffenet meanings. These two terms have been evaluated within the criminal justice system, the dicrimination and disparity of ethic and racial groups have been recognized for a long time by some. At sometime or other disparity maybe the result of discrimination within the justice system in some situations. Disparity refers to the inequality in all aspects within the criminal justice system, for certain groups of individuals it conists og arrest to sentencing; this nearly ...view middle of the document...

The other end consists of systematic discrimination suggesting that certain dicisions are being made according to assumptions of racism, members of these minority groups are almost always discriminated against in every stage of the justice process. In- between points on this spectrum represents the varying levels of discrimination, this results in institutional terms which work against minorities (Law Encyclopedia, 2011).
While considering discrimination within the court system, there are distinctive compostions of economical and racial structures within the United States that systematically put inidviduals of color at the disadvantage, some of these disadvantages can and will carry over into the criminal justice system. Minority defandants have a great possibility of being poor, less likely to be released before trial, less likely to be represented by an private attorney of their choice (Law Encyclopedia, 2011). Extensive reserach presently indicates members of minority groups do not get the same advantages white individuals do within the justice system (Toth, Crews, & Burton, 2008). Even though this may not be intentional cases of discrimination, many studies have presented evidence of revalant and controlling facts Latinos and African Americans are much more likely to recieve incaceration than whites as well as in certain jurisdictions recieve longer sentences (The Sentencing Project, 2008).
Racial disparities within the court system can an may occur with dissimilar treatment among similar situated individuals based upon race. Professionals within the criminal justice system are able to differentiate between the extralegal and legal factors
in order to be able to explain the racial disparities within the justice system. The legal factors supply valid explanations and reasoning for the offenders criminal activities, prior criminal records as well as the seriousness of the offense. These are considered legitimate reasons for the present disparities since they are considered relevant to the individual's criminal behavior. The extralegal factors will include class, race, and gender. These are not...

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