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Disproving Grafton Eliot Smith’s Hyperdiffusionism Through Philippine Archaeology And History

584 words - 3 pages

Topic: Disproving Grafton Eliot Smith’s hyperdiffusionism through Philippine archaeology and history.

I. Introduction
A. Grafton Elliot Smith’s hyperdiffusionism
1. Grafton Elliot Smith’s background
2. Definition of Hyperdiffusionism
B. The Philippines as a melting pot of cultures
C. FTS: The influences of the Hindu, Chinese, Spanish and American are evident factors that
negate the validity of Smith’s hyperdiffusionism.

II. Body
A. Evidence of influence from various cultures as seen through the development of the
Philippine language.
1. Proof of Indian-Sumatran influence in the Philippines by the Kingdom of Sri-Vijaya ...view middle of the document...

Proof of Arab influence in the Philippines as seen in the spread of Islam.
5. Proof of Spanish influence in the Philippines as seen in the spread of Christianity,
specifically of Catholicism.
6. Proof of American influence in the Philippines as seen in the spread of Protestantism.
7. Disputes in religion in the Philippines at present.
C. Evidence of influence from various cultures as seen in the development of customs
1. Proof of Indian-Javanese influence in the Philippines by the Kingdom of Madjapahit as
seen in the customs practiced according to Wang Ta-Yüan’s documentation.
2. Proof of Chinese influence in the Philippines as seen in the customs practiced.
a. As seen in the jar burial practice
b. As seen in courtship rituals.
c. As seen in the execution of judgement and punishment.
3. Customs at present.
D. Evidence of influence from various cultures as seen in the development of political culture.

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