Distance Education Essay

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Communicating for Distance Education

Communicating for Distance Education

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Casual Vs Academic Writing

Hello, Jasmine I have something very important to tell ...view middle of the document...

The woman driving had stated that the reason for the accident involved her looking to clean up coffee that she had spilled. She had two passengers that both noted they were fine. She and I exchanged insurance information followed by her apology and we proceeded to go our separate ways. I feel fine but I am definitely shaken up and I’m unable to sleep. This letter involves my detailed description of the accident and I appreciate a response during the early day. Thanks for hearing my story; I am grateful for your services.

Anthony’s Dilemma

Hello Anthony I see a few errors in your email. You made a couple inappropriate remarks regarding the business woman in the meeting. You came off a little sexist saying that you were surprised she had anything good to say. That was wrong to say and I can see where some of your classmates especially females may have got offended. After insulting the woman you went on to say that you used some of her work and end up getting the promotion. The next time you write an email regarding an experience it may be best to leave any inappropriate personal feelings out the email. Even though that may have been your honest opinion of the woman you should have excluded that from your email, it’s very offensive. I also feel that you should try and be more professional when you’re describing a job promotion to someone. It sounded as if you didn’t take the opportunity seriously and that may have also been offensive to some people. I am really happy for your promotion; however proof reading and checking your tone should be a definite effort in your next email.
Hope my advice helped,

Importance of Writing Tone

Writing tone...

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