Distinguish Between The Money And Capital Markets

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Designing Ethics Codes and Programs

We are all very familiar with Ethics Code for Hospitality Managers. All ethics codes have something to do with honesty, integrity, accountability, and so forth. Your text states that the actual code itself may not be as important as the process of devising the code, introducing it to the entire operation, training and talking about the code, and yearly evaluations of how the code is working and whether any changes are necessary to make the code more effective. It's through the process that our employees become aware of what the various principles mean in their daily life on the job.

The easy part is to write the ethics code. We can look at ethics ...view middle of the document...

Are they needed?
What are the similarities between the other two ethics codes and the FOI Code? What are the differences?

Much of the same things were said on all three of the codes, just worded and formatted differently. Do you have a preference? Why? Do you think FOI's Code is adequate? Would you make any changes to it? What changes?

Introduction to Managers
John wrote the first draft of the FOI Ethics Code himself, instead of assembling a committee of department heads to generate it. He is now going to have a meeting with all of the department heads to share the draft and explain the need and purpose of the ethics code. He will have them review the code and meet again later to discuss any additions or changes they would like to see and how they think it should be implemented in their departments.

You are very familiar by now with the FOI Case Study. You know all the department heads rather well. You know the problems John has had to deal with. Review the FOI Organizational chart’s seven managers: Chef Eric, Heidi, Bill, Mike, Tony, Gabe, and Kathy. Take a few minutes and write a script for John to use, in his meeting with the department heads, to share the draft and to explain the need and purpose of the ethics code. Keep the script brief (just a few paragraphs) and to the point. Write it in the voice of John, as you would imagine John to sound. When you're done, compare your script with the following sample script.

Sample Script
"FOI is doing very well. We're making money and our guests are happy. This is in spite of having way too many management problems. I was complaining to Frank about being burnt out. You can probably all relate to those feelings. I know how I want things done here, and when they aren't done the way I want, I end up having to deal with problems. Frank pointed out that you are good people - - good managers - - but that there was no program in place to serve as a guide to how I want things done.

So that's what this meeting is about. Since you aren't mind readers, I have put together a code of what is important here that should help you to know what to do in situations that come up. [Pass out copies of the Code of Conduct for FOI Managers and Staff.]

I know that you all take your positions seriously. This code will help us to avoid problems that are a result of not having a shared ethic or code of behavior. We are going to work together to make sure all of our policies and procedures are consistent with what we believe at FOI and with the new Code of Conduct. We will be meeting regularly as a management team. I will also be meeting with you individually on a regular basis.

Management is a lot more fun when we don't have to deal with problems constantly. I want us all to enjoy our time here, and I think this code of conduct will help. I would like you to look this thing over. Think about it. What does it mean to you? How do you feel about it? Are there any problems with it that you can think...

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