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Distorted View Of Body Image Essay

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Sociology 399

Distorted View of Body Image
A young girls first impression of body image and beauty is made by Barbie dolls. These dolls have never been made to fit the standard that all women come in different sizes. Barbie dolls, create a false representation of the female body. In magazines, the images captured of models, go through a process of air brushing and enhancements to give a visually flawless image of the person. Females are constantly being scrutinize on their looks. In an area of anti-ageism, women are going under the knife to preserve their youth or correct a few problem areas on their body. The ideology of sexy and perfect beautiful women, has made a ...view middle of the document...

More women are comparing their own image to celebrities. The standards that society has created for beauty and body image has constantly changed, making it more difficult for anyone to achieve.
In addition, the fascination that young girls are wanting to relate to their popular music celebrities, has created a frenzy of mirroring their image. Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus are idealized as sex symbols by adult men. Sigmund Freud (1973a) examines the “human psyche by dividing it into two parts, the conscious and the unconscious.” (Storey 93) A young girl grows into a women and her ego develops through the culture around her. Body image and beauty expectations are developed through childhood and later expressed in adult life. In the article, Girls, Sexuality, and Popular Culture”, written by Tizzy Asher (2002) argues that radio, internet, and television are cause for concern because adult men are being causal by sexualizing teen celebrities. As a result, young girls are wanting to be the desire of men. There are too many influential propaganda related to body image. Tizzy Asher generalizes body image when she states:
When girls internalize negative messages about sexuality, and then combine them with the annihilating messages shot out about body image by this same popular culture, they often end up mistrusting their own bodies and feelings. The body and its desires become construed as other; it is foreign, unpredictable, and must be controlled. (Asher 24)
Furthermore, the ideal female body presented by media images carries a notion that the person is successful by the clothes the person wears. Body image is a representation of ones’ economic status, or so it may seem by society. There is a desire for a women to meet all the standards that have been set by fashion designers, celebrities, men, and reality shows based on rich women. In the Muslim religion, women are held to rules and standards by men. In previous generations, female bathing suite laws were governed by men. “Radical feminists argue that women’s oppression is the result of the system of patriarchy, a system of domination which men as a group have power over women as a group” (Storey 137). Body image is a misconception that society continues to carry over with every generation. Women need to stop trying to fit the ideal that is misrepresented.
Moreover, the obsession with body image has created an epidemic around the world. In the journal, The Role of Body Image in Women’s Mental Health reported that “the number of girls and women with anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder is estimated at 60,000 by the British Medical Association or 90,000 by the Eating Disorders Association at any time in Britain” (Cussins 105). As long as fashion and advertising industries continue to promote a size zero. Girls and women will continue to battle with their own body issues. Beauty and body image is very much part of popular culture because of the large...

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