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Diversification Of The Bahamian Economy Essay

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Factors affecting the increasing crime rate in the Bahamas

When most tourists think of the Bahamas the picture of clean green pristine care free island paradise comes to mind as advertised and promoted around the world.   Many of the tourists do not see the other side of the picture as shown on the brochure. The people of the Bahamas who live in the country everyday have to endure the other side of the brochure which is the increasing crime rate in the Bahamas. The people of the these islands are known as some of the most peaceful and fun love people in the world this can even be traced back to the peace Lucayan Indians who once inhabited these islands a few centuries ago. Slowly over ...view middle of the document...

One parent takes on the duties and responsibilities of both which can... [continues]

UNEMPLOYMENT in the Bahamas is down by one per cent, according to government statistics.
The Department of Statistics released the results of its Labour Force and Household Income Survey yesterday, conducted in May, which revealed a slight decrease in the number of unemployed persons, a decline of less than 1 per cent in the unemployment rate which now stands at 13.7 per cent. 
However, the report explained the two major factors contributing to the decline in the unemployment rate were persons withdrawing from the labour force, becoming discouraged with the current economy but not meeting the unemployment criteria, and an increase of persons engaging in informal activities.
The 2011 Labour Force study revealed that many unemployed Bahamians have engaged in informal activities such as selling phone cards on the streets and selling clothing, jewellery and other items from their cars and homes as a means of employment.
As a result the informal sector has grown by 32 per cent adding approximately 4,410 persons to the work force. The informal sector is described as that part of an economy that is not taxed nor monitored by any form of government. 
According to the Labour report it is not uncommon for there to be growth in the informal sector during difficult economic times.
It said: "This state of affairs is not unique to The Bahamas and happens worldwide, particularly in developing countries - a downturn in the economy gives rise to an increase in employment in the informal sector."
The report noted that for the first time in New Providence the number of women in the labour force was higher than males, accounting for 51 per cent of the total. There were also more employed women than there were men. This, however, was not the case in Grand Bahama where the traditional pattern prevailed; men outnumbered women in both the labour force and the employed labour force.
The increase of the employed labour force "was largely due to women whose numbers increased by 5.6... [continues]
The Roots of Crime in the Bahamas
by Larry Smith
Conversations with taxi drivers these days are no longer about the weather or business - they're all about the latest killings.
Another young man stabbed or shot to death for who knows what. Another young woman dispatched in a domestic quarrel. Another gunfight at the fish fry. Experts say homicide is a reliable barometer of all violent crime, and we have had 46 murders so far this year - one of the highest per capita rates in the world.
Death by violence is commonplace on New Providence, along with armed robbery and rape, and our youth seem to be armed to the teeth. When 18-year-old Mardio Hall was killed at the QE sports centre days ago, newspaper reports said other young people in the crowd were moved to fire their weapons in the air.
Police say 70 per cent of local murders are committed by young men between the ages of 18 and...

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