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Diversity Essay

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Q 1. Which dimensions of business case for diversity are the most persuasive? Why?

No matter which definition you put on work diversity, most organization if not all are acknowledging the importance of making diversity a business consideration. “Our work place is changing and diversity is no longer the exception, it is the norm now. It is good for business and when we achieve unity in diversity, everyone wins”. (Lativin, D.). Changes in the workplace are the result of various shifts in U.S. demographics. Among these are the country’s racial and ethnic makeup. People of color have ...view middle of the document...

According an article written by Worth Tammy, Retention is very critical and that “It costs at least four times an employee’s salary to replace that employee.” So in the end it is also a cost saving advantage to the organization.
Last but not the least, an all-inclusive environment is a business case for diversity. Once companies have recruited diverse talent, they often flounder when it comes to treatment of these employees, says Carmen Carter, a consultant and founder of the Women’s Multicultural Council in Texas. (Worth, T.)

Q 2. What are the strength and weakness of the business case for diversity?

Diversity management can include developing affirmative action programs, providing support to minority member groups in the workplace and resolving employee conflicts based on characteristics and traits that are not job-related.
Strength: Proponents of workplace diversity cite studies that indicate diversity can have a positive effect on the company. People from various backgrounds and cultures don’t think or work alike, thus it encourages more outside-the-box thinking that leads to new inventions and discoveries. A wider selection of people is made available. Why limit yourself by recruiting only those from a particular university, educational background, or career path? Be daring and venture out into the unknown – you will be surprised to find many talented and gifted people that will over-deliver and surprise you if given the right opportunity. A variety of people with different skills and experiences are able to specialize and address various service/product areas in your business; the all-round overachiever or corporate superhero is hard to come by and it’s probably best to recruit people who have different skills and strengths instead. (Mossevelde, C)
Weakness: Opponents of diversity management in the workplace have valid arguments against diversity management. The common claim is that employees tire of being continually reminded of diversity through peer groups, work teams and recruiting methods. When diversity is the primary concern, members of nonminority groups sometimes feel excluded, and that minority groups are receiving preferential treatment. Another claim is the misconception that diversity and affirmative action are the same. Diversity can also bring conflict. People often feel confused, threatened or even annoyed by individuals with views and backgrounds very different from their own; constructive disagreements can become power struggles and create a bad political atmosphere that hinders project advancements. (Mayhew, R)

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