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Running head: DIVERSITY ACTION PLANDiversity Action PlanTeam DVeva AbalosEnid ArellanoJoshua CastroHye ChoLena GarciaMonica LoeraUniversity of PhoenixCultural DiversitySOC 315Joe TarinMar 25, 2010AbstractUniversity of Phoenix is the leading private university in the nation and is beneficial to all adults especially the working individuals. With more than 200 campuses and online services throughout the world, the University of Phoenix offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degree plans to anyone seeking a higher education.Diversity Action PlanTo succeed in today's fast pace lifestyle one must put aside one's bias or hatred towards others ...view middle of the document...

"The University of Phoenix is bound by law to not discriminate in its enrollment process. It has a set standard of rules to ensure a discrimination free learning environment. Even though the majority of the student body is of Caucasian decent many minority groups attend classes. The average student age is in between 35 and 37. Around two thirds of the student body is female.University of Phoenix was instituted in Arizona in 1976 and established by the economist, educator and entrepreneur Dr. John Sperling. Sperling developed the university to accommodate working adults in search of college education at suitable and appropriate schedules and ground locations. University of Phoenix is currently the world's leading private university around the world that offers bachelors, masters and doctoral degree programs at more than 200 campuses and online education. Motivated by advancement in education, University of Phoenix focuses on providing the students night courses, flexible class schedules, continuous registration, online classes, and online libraries and resource services.Since 1976 to the present, the University of Phoenix has accomplished many milestones and continuously steadily expands. The following is a timeline from 1976 to 2009 of University of Phoenix establishments and accomplishments: In 1976 John Sperling created University of Phoenix in Arizona. In 1977, the initial classes are taught at the Phoenix campus. Ever since the beginning, University of Phoenix has contributed in 30 certify evaluations by recognized regional organizations, state education groups have held 35 assessments and 10 United States Department of Education governmental analyses have been performed. In 1978, University of Phoenix was approved official certification by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association. In 1982,1987,1992,1997, and 2002 the University of Phoenix accreditation was reassured and acknowledged. In 2012 The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association will perform the next evaluation for University of Phoenix accreditation.In 1980, the first Northern California university ground was instituted creating the first University of Phoenix interstate development. In 1981, University of Phoenix inaugurated their first graduation ceremony. In 1987, University of Phoenix established the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree that was approved by the National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission. In 1989, the University of Phoenix Online Campus is instituted. In 1991, the first graduation ceremony is held for the online campus-graduating students. In 1993, the Bachelors of Education degree is commenced offering a teachers certification program. In 1995, the University of Phoenix Internet library becomes available 24 hours for all online and campus students to access resources. Also in this year, University of Phoenix becomes accredited for masters degree programs in counseling and nursing.In 1997, University of Phoenix...

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