Diversity As An Internal Factor Affecting The Functions Of Management

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An organization utilizes a number of resources in order to obtain efficiency and to reach set objectives and goals. Internal and external factors affect the four functions of management and if approached successfully can lead to productivity and accomplishment of organizational goals. An internal factor that influences the four functions of management is diversity. Diversity or demographics represents age, ethnicity, race, gender, education, skill sets, and more (Bateman & Snell, p. 53, 2011). Laws and restrictions are set in place to ensure organizations incorporate a diverse workforce to avoid discrimination and to allow for a varied group of employees who add individual skills and ...view middle of the document...

Sharing of ideas, skill sets, and points of views can allow for managers to have an efficient workgroup. Age, race, ethnicity, education, and skill sets play into this point of view.
Leading an individual, group, team, or unit is another function of management that is affected by the internal factor of diversity. Not only are employees under management made up of a diverse group of individuals but management within an organization is also unique and diverse. Personal beliefs, ideas, and points of view can affect the way in which management motivates a group of people. It is important to note that diversity may have a negative impact on business practices. If a lack of understanding, communication, and beliefs are present and cannot be overcome (Bunderson & Sutcliffe, 2002) than management may have difficult successfully leading employees; however, when diversity is function and progressive management can successfully lead an individual, team, group, or unit of employees.
The final function of management that can be affected by diversity as an internal factor is controlling. This function of management allows managers to monitor the progress of plans and make changes as necessary. I believe that if managers are successful in utilizing diversity in the first three functions of management that the final function of management can be used to determine the efficiency of a team or individual. During...

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