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Diversity Audit Essay

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Table of Contents
Executive Summary 2
About TimoTel 2
TimoTel & Supplier Diversity 3
Criteria and Methods 3
The Business Case for Diversity, its Challenges & Awareness 4
Diversity Challenges 5
Recommendations 5
References 7

Executive Summary
A diverse workforce is more common today than it was decades ago, and is a challenge more companies are faced with today. Multi-generations are working side by side, learning from one another’s experiences. Immigration has increased from 979,000 to 1,120,000 in 2011 [], and the proportion of fforeign workers has grown as a result. Same sex unions are legal in some areas, women are working, etc. all leading to a ...view middle of the document...

The CEO at the time became known as the cost-cutter in his final year with TimoTel as he pruned resources necessary to keep the ship afloat before he absconded to head another company. The following year, in 2004, TimoTel outsourced the last of its manufacturing when it sold the final plant that remained in Texas, and has continued with downsizing since. While corporate headquarters is based out of xx, xx, the company operates and has offices in at least 32 countries as of today. [Wikipedia, TimoTel*]
Working in a globally downsizing industry poses challenging issues with morale. Diversity is a necessity for any company in this situation and industry. New ideas are needed for service offerings, breaking into new locations around the world, and providing ideas and sharing information to work smarter and more efficiently as a company. The following vision, purpose, values and success are part of the company’s principles, where reference or association to diversity is rather narrow.
Our Vision
Insert Company’s vision
Our Purpose
Insert Company’s purpose
Our Values
* Insert Company’s Values
* Insert Company’s Values
Our Success
Insert Company’s Success

TimoTel & Supplier Diversity
Supplier diversity is a business program that encourages the use of minority, women, veteran, disabled, etc. owned small business as suppliers [Wikipedia, Supplier], and was the only materials available within the organization that focused on diversity. TimoTel defines supplier diversity in the following categories [TimoTel* Partner Program]:
* Insert the company’s diversity requirements
Criteria and Methods
Organizational barriers I had in performing this diversity audit included access to Human Resources. The original intent was to speak with an HR representative, but due to organizational changes and downsizing events, this was not feasible. The focus of this audit then was to identify any diversity agendas and learn what information was available. Supplier diversity program reports and requirements were available internally and externally, but little information was outright available on diversity of the people within the organization.
Interviews were conducted with several colleagues within the organization to gain a better understanding of the culture and diversity perception within the company, not only on the company’s diversity stance but how the individual perceived diversity. Outside of the supplier diversity, EEOC and affirmative action, interviewees unanimously agreed they were not aware of any other initiatives in place. They also did not know where to go in order to seek more information.
Figure 1 displays the product of those interviewed on their assessment of their overall climate in the workplace. The results of this small pool are an indicator that more is needed in the way of diversity awareness and management.

The Business Case for Diversity, its Challenges & Awareness
Diversity in the...

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