Diversity In The United States Of America

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Diversity has been the foundation of the United States. Diversity is not limited to race, gender, or religion; it includes age and disabilities as well. I have never thought of those as aspects of diversity. I do see them in that light since taking this course and I now realize the extent of the differences in the population of America. Without that variety our country would not be as magnificent as it is. I, myself, am about as American as I could get. I am a White female of no particular religion. I am neither young nor old. I have no disabilities. I am lucky that I do not suffer from discrimination. I am aware that, despite many advances in society, there is still a fair amount of ...view middle of the document...

On the other end of that I have been judged in my life because I became a mother at such a young age. I was not given the chance to prove my worth as a parent because people could not see past how young I was. When a person is deciding their thoughts on another in a split second it is judged on what is seen not on what is truly there. Many disabled people are treated as if they are not worthy of the space they take up merely because they look or sound different. If people could learn to take the time to look past that surface they would discover what is on the inside is not so different from themselves. There are many ways that Americans can learn about accepting diversity but one of Americas favorite pass times could be to blame for holding us back. Television is something that nearly every American watches and learns from. Many forms of television on the air today do nothing to help further the cause for diversity acceptance. Most adult shows are fairly segregated in race. The Tyler Perry like shows tend to be mostly African American while the majority of soap operas are very lacking in minorities. Another problem with media is the portrayal of body type and behaviour. The people on television need to fit into the stereotypical roles they are cast in. Whether it be size or personality, mothers must fit the feminine, caring role while fathers must fit the masculine, supporting role. This holds true to a variety of roles from ditzy but well intentioned friend to the nerd who is the right guy in the end.
Media designed for a younger audience is often more diverse. My family and I watch a few Disney Channel cartoons. One of my favorite shows is A.N.T. farm. It is funny and has a wide variety of character differences. There are the standard personality types but there are also extremely smart blondes and leading role African Americans. I like that the media presented to children is made to help them learn to accept diversity in their lives. Learning about...

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