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Diversity Issues Paper

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Diversity Issues

Diversity Issues
Organizations who make a commitment to diversity can see a significant impact on business in many ways. Diversity “requires a significant commitment for change to occur” (Delong, 2007, p.9). It is extremely important that leaders understand the commitment and embrace it in order for a positive impact to occur. Employers with diverse cultures and leaders can build positive and successful relationships with customers, suppliers and vendors. They can better attract and retain top talent. All of these equal more financial gain for the company.
Diversity Leadership
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Communication “and culture interrelate” (Bucher, 2015, p.126). Communication is the process that we “transfer information, ideas, attitudes, and feelings to each other” (Bucher, 2015, p.1626). If we aren’t able to communicate inclusively in a diverse setting or multicultural world, we are not going to be able to communicate effectively.
Everyone’s background affects how they interpret information. It is important to take that into account when communicating with others. For example, when communicating with people from another culture they may converse with their faces only a few inches apart. I have experienced this in communicating with other cultures and I always find myself feeling uncomfortable with the situation. I feel that my space is being invaded. Some cultures take a long time to answer questions while others answer immediately. Another example is how some East Asian cultures believe it is rude to answer a question with a “no” even if they mean no. They will say “yes” just because that is how they show respect.
Barriers to effective communication include many things such as lack of awareness of cultural differences, language barriers, cultural biases, ethnocentrism and inactive listening.
Cultural biases are “unwarranted assumptions about the person or persons with whom we are communicating” (Bucher, 2015, p.140). Lack of awareness of cultural differences are when two people from a different culture interpret the same symbol different. Specifically, things such as silence. In the US, people feel uncomfortable with a long period of silence. However, in other cultures salience is admired. In some cultures, passing food and gifts with a left hand is “considered taboo” (Bucher, 2015, p.141). Language differences are another barrier that can be challenging. Ethnocentrism and inactive listening are also barriers.
Cultural Intelligence
What do you agree or disagree that cultural intelligence (CQ) is important to be an effective leader? In preparing your response, consider: What is CQ? What are the components of CQ and are they learned? What are the advantages and/or disadvantages of developing CQ?
Cultural intelligence is important to be an effective leader. It affects the perceptions that leaders and all people place on things. Cultural intelligence is defined as a person’s...

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