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Diversity within an organization describes a group of people from different background and orientations such as gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation as well as different cultures, values and beliefs. This group of people has different approaches to learning, beliefs and perceptions which are premised on their educational background, communication style, personal skills professional skills, the environment of their birth and their working style. Diversity is seen as a heterogeneous pool of contribution of each individual’s skill, perception, and understanding. When this unique attributes are brought together in an organization, it creates what can ...view middle of the document...

Also cheaper labor can be obtained through outsourcing and most importantly the issue of immigrants that are also relocating in view of improving their economic wellbeing. Diversity as a topic of research is fast gaining entrance into the educational sector(Gunn 1991). There is need to create awareness about diversity and its acceptance to ensure that people do not have a biased mind working with others having different orientations as result of their varying cultures and beliefs.
Diversity in management are set of strategies whereby management creates and builds up a dynamic, strong and innovative workforce through the collection and application of different ideas, concept, perceptions and values of the diverse people in their workforce. Management tries to understand and study the unique qualities of having a diverse workforce to harness their innate abilities and skills to stimulate ideas leading to new and improved innovations. Diversity in Management according to Haas in (Bleijenbergh, Peters &Poutsma, 2010) has three dimension in terms of their impact or contribution towards the organization: there is the Social identity theory which deals on how people view themselves differently and this include their ideas and perception as it divides them into groups for social superior reasons and this can have positive or negative effect for an individual who may not belong to any group and does not encourage team performance. The second theory is that of similarity where a group of people with similar traits can breed trust and foster mutual understanding and cooperation, the only drawback is that people within this group function better within a small group which can have some challenges in materializing into bigger team. This can hamper the flow of communication and information within a diverse organization. Thirdly, are the Information and Decision Making theories and can be recognized as the heterogeneous group with capacity for sharing of information and ideas thus leading to higher quality decision (S.F., Slater et al, 2008) .This is the positive impact of diversity in management. The above two theories can be viewed as the downside of diversity management “demographic diversity is expected to affect intra organization social relationship and social processes negatively there lead to a loss of trust and reciprocity of trust” (Bleijenbergh, Peters &Poutsma, pp 417, 2010) of the people in an organization.

A lot of multinational firms are expanding their operations to explore foreign markets with different cultures, values and belief system, because business is becoming more global. These expansions often presents challenges of working with different set of individuals which can only be addressed by adopting diversity in Management to harnesses the different human capitals, leading to competitive advantage (S.F., Slater et all, 2008). Management also needs to...

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