Diversity Organisation Behaviour Essay

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With globalisation, it is inevitable to have workforce diversity. Workforce diversity is the significance differences of each individual that distinguish them at their working environment. This report explores the study of workforce diversity and brings about an understanding of surface-level and deep-level diversity. Furthermore, the report highlights the importance of managing for diversity and explores the characteristics of both Singapore employees and expatriates.
Diversity is being characterised into surface-level and deep-level diversity. Surface-level diversity refers to the observable demographics and psychological ...view middle of the document...

Male managers generally adopt a transactional style which rewards and punish accordingly while female managers tend to use the relational style which involves motivating employee and focusing on personal qualities instead of position. (Boddy 2008)
There are many advantages of a diverse workforce. Organisations which provide employment opportunities for diverse workforce will gain a competitive advantage in the labour market. Employees will feel that their differences are being valued and will be motivated to perform at their best for their company. By embracing diversity, organisations will have a better perspective on the differentiated market. With a multicultural workforce, it can provide better knowledge of the consumer preferences and habits of the diversified market. A diverse workforce helps the organisation to achieve a competitive edge in a global economy by facilitating understanding of other cultures. Corporate culture with different approaches helps to enhance organisational flexibility, thus the organisation can respond effectively to environmental changes. Diverse group have the ability to leverage creativity and preserve viewpoints to tackle a problem with more...

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