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Diversity Work Sheet Essay

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1. Diversity is defined as: the condition or quality of being diverse different, varied, difference, and unlikeness (Oxford English Dictionary). It has also been defined as the “condition of being different.” Google defines.
Diversity is valued by recognizing the differences between people and acknowledges these differences. Susan J. Barkman and Hannah L. Speaker, Valuing Diversity. It is what members of a communities can do to also acknowledge their differences, but celebrate their similarities. They can build strong and rich relationships among the diverse memberships. Larry LeFlore, Ph.D. (2004).

2. Ethnocentrism is a person that perceives their culture, ...view middle of the document...

To immigrate is coming into a new country for permanent status. The many reasons why people do this is: better standard of life, joining relatives and friends that have already emigrated, or maybe a promise to work. Explore Race and Ethnicity Chapter 1 (2012)

4. Some of the ways groups of people are identified are subordinate and dominant groups.
The subordinate groups is define as Migration and Annexation, with Colonialism refers more to the dominant groups. Migration is a general term for the transfer of a population, which will reflect back on the “Push and Pull Factors,” and will immediately put Migration in the subordinate groups. Annexation is the way dominant groups swallow parts of country, and have the culture tainted. The people become minorities and have to adhere to another’s culture while maintain their own. Colonialism is for the dominant group. These people maintain the political, social, economic, and cultural dominance; Bell (1991). They rule but are outsiders and are just incorporation into the dominant people’s nation. Exploring Race and Ethnicity Chapter 1 (1012).

5. We label people...

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