Do Americans Need Illegal Workers To Support Our Economy?

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21 January 2013
Do Americans really need illegal workers to support our economy?
It is a huge issue in America today, illegal immigration and what it means for our economy. The problem is divisive and a political hot potato. It has been discussed for the last thirty plus years and no solutions are in sight. We have some eleven million illegal, undocumented workers in America today and some argue we should round them up and send them home, regardless of the human suffering and others argue that our economy would collapse or at least be seriously harmed if we send them home.
According to Colin Powell, we need them because they are the lifeblood that is keeping this ...view middle of the document...

“(Matthews, 2013) This happens because these immigrants, both legal and illegal fill the jobs that we Americans don’t want. They take the jobs in the fields picking produce and in the slaughter houses processing animals. They take the menial positions in restraunts and make possible lower costs to the rest of us who either frequent these restraunts or buy the goods processed by these workers. These workers also demand labor as well, creating jobs for others.

Is immigration a drain on the welfare state?
According to George Mason University economist Bryan Caplan, contrary to popular stereotypes, welfare states focus on the old, not the poor. Social Security and Medicare dwarf means-tested programs. Since immigrants tend to be young, they often end up supporting elderly natives rather than ‘milking the system.’ Illegal immigrants who pay taxes on fake Social Security numbers are pure profit for the Treasury. In 2005, Social Security’s chief actuary estimated that without all the taxes paid on invalid Social Security numbers, ‘the system’s long-term funding hole over 75 years would be 10 percent deeper. (Caplan)

Does immigration help the economy grow?
According to University of California Economist, Gordon Hanson, low-skilled immigrant workers can make the American economy more efficient as well. First of all, low-skilled immigrant workers are more willing to move to find work than native-born American workers. Writes Hanson: “Low-skilled U.S.-born workers tend to be immobile across regions. When, say, the demand for low-skilled labor picks up in North Carolina, native-born workers in other regions are slow to move in . . . The consequence of the immobility of low skilled labor is to gum up the labor market, slowing the pace of growth in booming regions and the pace of recovery in slumping regions.”
There are two groups of immigrants, group one is highly skilled and arrive here on H1-B visas and group two are the illegals. We need both for this country to prosper. I would prefer that our politicians figure out a way to make sure that both groups would be legal. Group two fills the shortages at the bottom of the labor market. Those shortages are on the farms and other related agricultural markets.
I turned next in my search on this subject to the Center for Immigration Studies, an independent, non-partisan, nonprofit research organization. This organization has received praise from both Democrat and Republican lawmakers.
In a memo written this past December, the Director of research at the institute wrote that of the 11 or so million illegal immigrants in America perhaps seven or eight million of them are employed. Research indicates that most of these have no more than a high school education, if that. So if we allow these people to remain here, they will compete with the native born Americans who either hold only a high school education or less. This makes the already bleak employment prospects for these Americans even bleaker and...

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