Do Fences Make Good Neighbors Essay

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Fences Make Good Neighbors
If a fence is between two houses, it is usually there to help keep the peace and to aid in keeping different peoples’ lives separate, usually resulting in two happy, ordinary lives. As Robert Frost says in “Mending Wall”, “Good fences make good neighbors.”(27), which implies exactly what it’s saying, a fence between two people will keep them in good terms. Although it talks about fences between neighbors, it can go into a further context, such as a mental barrier between two friends or a wall between nations. The reason a barrier or wall between two people is good for them is because it helps keep conflicting ideas and beliefs separate and makes lives easier. ...view middle of the document...

A physical barrier between two nations can help those nations bring peace and prosperity if they try and try again. An article reads, “The Qin’s first emperor, Shi Huangdi (259–210 BCE), began a major building campaign to build a wall that could protect China’s northern frontier a year after establishing the dynasty. The hope was that the wall would deter raids from horse-mounted nomads in the north” (World History in Context). In this example, Emperor Shi Huangdi simply wanted to help keep his own people safe and keep two rival nations separated. To do this, he ordered the construction of the Great Wall of China, which acted as a barrier repelling rival forces and keeping his own nation under his guard. The same article of the Great Wall of China says, “Ming realized that open battle was too risky. Construction of the Great Wall resumed in earnest” (World History in Context). The Ming thought it was okay to halt construction of the great wall, but soon fell into a battle that made the wall between them and their opponents absolutely necessary...

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