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Do Video Games Have A Negitve Effect

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Do Video Games have a Positive or Negative Effect?
I am a bit biased on this topic because I am an avid video game player. I’ve played every type of game since I started playing when I was eight. Everything from first-person shooters, like the Halo series, to less violent Mario games, and even the extremely violent Grand Theft Auto series. Since their creation people have said that video games are a waste of time, and they come with little or no benefit, but I myself have played video games and experienced the benefits from playing them. For example, the game “Guitar Hero” is very much unrelated to actual guitar and I didn’t learn how to play guitar solely from playing the game, but the ...view middle of the document...

Games like DDR and Wii Sports involve total body movement in order to play. A study done at the University of Nebraska testing oxygen consumption levels and heart rate showed that the games were equivalent to a “moderate-intensity activity” according to health guidelines. This proved that the games were sufficient for a moderate workout, and that they positively affected the kids. Video games are important tools for exercise, but professor of kinesiology at California State University-Chico, Craig Buschner warns that they shouldn’t be the only tools used by educators. He feels that although video games are advanced, nothing replaces the personal interaction of traditional games like tag. [3]
A popular argument against video games is that they are too violent, but the games have an ESBR rating on them, so if a game is intended for age 17+ it cannot be bought by someone under that age. To call video games too violent in general isn’t fair. If video games are too violent, so must be the entire media. On local news we can see explosions and blood equal to what is seen in the most violent of video games. There are studies that suggest negative effects from violent video games, which have shown in MRI scans after 30 minutes of video game play that the games triggered an emotional, rather than planned, reaction. A fear is that this will set kids up for future events during which they will think emotionally, rather than logically. [1] The study proved inconclusive as to whether the side effects were long term. The study ignores, however, the fact that most people play a variety of video games including both violent video games and role-playing games, which present lifelike scenarios which involve the planning part of the brain. Furthermore, a study done by Grant MacEwan College’s psychology department proved that playing video games provides ample threat simulation, so that the body doesn’t need to manifest threat simulation dreams. What this means is that video games provide enough scenarios that present hypothetical danger, so that your body doesn’t have to do it naturally through threat simulation dreams. This means that playing video games can lead to a more restful sleep. [5]
While researching I came across an article claiming that video games were both racist and sexist. It said that the protagonist is always a white male who fights a black antagonist. He also said that the women in video games are unnaturally well-endowed, and this could lead to poor body image in girls. Calling games racist is a blatant fallacy, video games have protagonists of any race and the villain is rarely black. Off-hand I know that “Gears of War” has a protagonist of Latin descent, and “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” has a black protagonist who is a reluctant miscreant, breaking the law for the right reasons, he is not just...

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