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Do We Have Free Will Essay

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Do we have Free Will?
Yes. The issue of whether we have a free will or not is disputable. For the purpose of this study, I will look into what others have said about this topic. First, I will consider the opinions of three writers who have written contrary to my opinion supporting their argument with the reasons they have given. Secondly, I will analyze the opinions of those writers who believe that we have free will. This will of course be followed by supportive argument behind their opinions. On the last section of this study, I will rebut on the two different opinions.
It seems that we do not have free will. For as (Merrill 293), the idea of free ...view middle of the document...

Steve bases his argument on the elimination process. He argues that when theories and arguments of free will are eliminated, the conclusion we are left to make is that there is no free will. To support his argument the writer indicates that under favorable conditions, specific agents lead to free actions from a human being in a non-deterministic manner. He concludes that any agent does not cause free actions and that human beings have a basic mental action that is intrinsically free form any actions.
On the contrary, it seems that we do have free will. For as (Richard 457-470) says that their research support that college students believe in the existence of a free will that is not restrained by genetically or environmental factors. In their study, they argue that we act based on knowledge, habit, tradition, personal preferences and impulses. This study supports that our actions result from the responses we receive. Our ppredetermined causal knowledge or a rational thinking beyond causal knowledge guides what we choose.
On the contrary, it seems that we do have free will. For as (Nicholas 79-106) on his view of humanistic approach, not all our actions are determined. Personal agency determines the existence of a free will. Personal agency is the choices that we make in life and the effects the choices have on us. According to this writer, freedom is a necessity for any human being if we are to be fully functional. The arguments on whether we have free will are based on the argument that through human need of self-actualizations, we actually determine what to do and when to do a specific activity.
On the contrary, it seems that we do have free will. For as (Benjamin 833-852), cognitive psychologists, conscious reflection determines our behavior. Conscious reflection becomes the best way of achieving goals and learning from previous mistakes. According to this writer, if human beings actions are a product of unconscious processes, they remain our thoughts and actions. In other words, human beings are a sum of conscious and unconscious processes because although we can be influenced, we are unique. Two similar brains operating under the same instructions cannot necessarily come up with the same decisions.
Whereas Merrill suggests that the idea of free will does not exist, as same actions will result into different actions, I tend to differ. The ability of a human being to produce similar results is all a matter of providing favorable conditions. A certain activity can be done repeatedly provided the factors that produced the first result are maintained in the successive activities. On the contrary, if the repetitions of such actions are not supported by favorable factors, the expected results might fail to be achieved.
In his article Clement Dore, argues that before a human being carries a certain action, the brain will have already laid the foundation for the activity. This opinion is therefore supportive to the argument that we have free...

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