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Do We Need Change Essay

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Ever since world has come into existence it’s been changing to suite the need of existing species.
MARKETING DESIGN AND INNOVATION was very relevant in that respect as it puts the

Customer/consumer on focus and provides the inside of a consumer mind and how to

Overcome the challenges .It provides you the Knowledge of meeting those wants and needs

(Kotler (2009)) defines needs as a “a state of deprivation of some basic satisfaction”.

Needs are common for all the human beings and mainly include food clothing and shelter.

While wants are defined as different ways in which basic needs are satisfied. Through

fulfilling their expectation and in Some cases exceeding them ...view middle of the document...

You can relate the Basic idea behind the theory of

evolution is evolution (gradual development).

That is only if we believe that theory is right and consider GOD as a great business man and human as GODS product. So where we are now as human because we have evolved through time.

So will it be wrong to say that all the different business evolved on the same principle?

That is to make profit.

But the businesses which stays for long as market leader are
those who constantly innovating .Examples of those
companies who once were major leaders are either have been shrunk ,or finished
or have lost their identity or catching their tails since then due to not evolving or
anticipating a change for future. i.e. DELL, MICROSOFT,WANG LABORATRIES ONCE LEADING
An other good example of innovationg is Italian Tractor magnate Ferruccio Lamborghini
saw little value in racing cars and As legend has it, Lamborghini presented his
concerns to Enzo, who told him to go soak his head, and Ferruccio stormed off, vowing to build a better car.

That is a great lesson and a great contrast but there it is normally I tend to say ”impossible is im possible”and Mr Fruruccio proved it.

Concluding remarks:
so my understanding from the module is that it is very...

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