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Do You Have A Bestfriend? Essay

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A bestfriend is someone that is very hard to come by. Not everyone will find a true one. Many will go through them like pairs of socks, but everyone has their favorite pair of socks right? Saying that you have a bestfriend is really rewarding.

We are friends, not just regular friends, but we are bestfriends, which explains everything. We would do everything together, such as go to the movies, mall and the racetrack, stay up late and talk about boys, be crazy. We had the best time together, but unfortunately life took all that from me. Sometimes I ask myself why she had to move, my bestfriend, a person who I trusted with everything, a person who knew what to do to make me happy, a person ...view middle of the document...

We tried to hang out a lot before she moved but her mom ruined that, her mom was nice for no doubt but she didn’t like her and I hanging out together that much. Over the summer we hung out non-stop, 24/7. The longest we were apart then were four days.

The day she moved came quite quickly; I remember it as if it was yesterday. We went to school together, she went to drop off the rest of her books and say goodbye. She wasn’t staying the whole day though, sadly. I was in my first period class and skipped it so I could say goodbye to her out in the hallway and take more pictures. As she turned around and said one last goodbye it really hit me that she was really leaving, for good. When I turned around and started walking back to my class it’s like everything went in slow motion, it was like I wasn’t in my body and this was just a dream. I now walk these halls of my school alone. No more laughter of the two crazy girls in the morning like usual. I didn’t know what to do.

When I reached my class I put on...

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