Do You Know Who Your Best Sales People Are?

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Lynette Ryals, Iain Davies (2010). Do you know who your best sales people are? Article of Harvard Business Review Dec 1, 2010.

Lynette Ryals and Lain Davies argue in their article despite the increase in the number of sales people taking on greater roles of business development and relationship management, they do not seem to be giving their best to achieve better results. To get a better picture, Lynette and Lain closely watched around eight hundred sales professionals during their live meetings which when completed brought to light eight different sales type. Among the eight just about three sales people were consistently successful in producing a desired result. The rest did not ...view middle of the document...

Lynette and Lain figured out that some storytelling could improve sales performance, but too much of it would be disadvantageous and may also turn customersoff. These people usually would pay too much attention to the previous customers, and very less on the ones sitting next to them. However the Aggressors can be effective in the right setting. They advance to every sales meeting as a pure negotiation on price. Few customers dislike this aggressive approach.

When it comes to the Focusers, they mainly lack belief in themselves, while they are still very well educated about their products. But in place of giving importance to the customer’s needs, they just insist on detailing every product feature by conveying all the technical aspects of their offering. In the case of Socialisers, they turn out to be the worst-performing ones while making the sale, in spite of the reputation that most salespeople are socially gifted. At the cost of pitching up the sales, they tend to babble. Narrators are ones who...

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