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Documentary Review

1029 words - 5 pages

Documentary Review
Miss Representation

Done By Farah Abu Farah

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American females have been struggled a constant combat for inclusive equality in a culture that maintains an accommodation for men. Despite the fact that remarkable paces have been created for women, until our present ...view middle of the document...

Women have been shaped in certain way by the media which limit our scholar reliability, creativity and generally value. This documentary focuses on media's persuasions and indicates the importance of connection between media's influences and characteristics of society, varying from politics to other industries including forms of arts.
Miss Representation is a documentary that reveals the portrayals of women who are been illustrated by the media thoroughly. These demanded images of females provide the main reason of why minority of women embrace the important roles of authority in America. This would give more status and difficulty of men particularly white male social order to respect women, thus implying more complexity to see females as prospective leaders that would affect their society positively.
Women are being represented and perceived as sexual objects by the media, this indicates how women are considered as qualifications as well as their roles are been determined in terms of what they wear, and how much cleavage they are demonstrating for the world.
Women's representation in the media are been objectifying and disparaging, emphasizing the argument which "you can't be what you can't see". Film focuses on female appearance in our culture, women who concentrates on other values beside their physical appearance are not acceptable by society. A question had popped in my mind in relation with main argument stating; to what extent our lives revolve around the media? Do we realize it?
Interpretation of positive females in the media is in association with obstacle of females' knowledge in practicing leadership roles. Therefore there are only few successful women in important positions compared to majority of females who are been influenced by media effectively in terms of imitating the ideal white female with certain characteristics and features.
Hollywood is persuading an image of power and authority which is based on role models including Angeline Jolie and Madonna, who are considered outstanding members of culture, yet these idols are still carrying out in over-sexualized roles which objectify females in general. “The hyper-sexuality that occurs in Hollywood is affecting all of us, it's toxic, including young girls seeking an identity,” Jane Fonda affirms in Miss...

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