Does A Typical Or Ideal Family/Household Exist In Modern British Society?

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It is hard to define what a family is because it is an issue on which people hold different views. Their views can be influenced by many motives like their religion, the society they are living in, media and many other things.However, according to dictionary a family is, a group consisting of parents and their children living together; also a group of people related by blood or marriages.All the descendants of a common ancestor including aunts and uncles, grandparents and cousins.Nowadays people think differently about a family. There are four typical types of family1. Nuclear- This is the traditional family which is now more common in society.It is more frequently represented in media ...view middle of the document...

Being married requires a lot of sacrifice for a couple. They have the responsibility of children and other things. They should not only think about themselves, they now have to think about doing everything together. A person gets bound this way.If he/she wants to have a meal outside, they have to think of spending money on the whole family whereas, if you are living alone, you can do whatever you want to at any time. In other words we can say that a family requires financial security.Another reason for the decline in family life is the changing status of women within a few years. If we compare the lifestyle of women of the past to now, we will see a huge difference. Before, women were not allowed to work, smoke and were considered as of lower standard then men. Gradually as time passed women started getting rights in society and now a time has come that women are equal in status as men. Women's freedom has greatly affected a family life because women want to live with freedom like men. Nowadays many women do not prefer to marry and stay at home. They want to be independent. Many women even believe that the most unsafe place for women is a family because this way they depend upon the man of the house who can dominant them.People desire to live as bachelor and spinsters.Due to these changes in society, a family is divided into four types which are described above.A look at family typesA nuclear family as described above is a traditional type of family which includes husband, wife and Children. This family appears to be democratically managed, where both parents like to include their children in family discussions. Parents have more time for their Children and everyone receives equal attention and expectations from each other. The family shares...

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