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Does Abuse Matter Essay

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Does Abuse Matter
Justin Bernard
DeVry University

Does Abuse Matter
We can learn a lot about ourselves by the way we interact with animals. How we are seen treating animals reflect a great deal on how we might treat others. Animal abuse should not be tolerated because this type of behavior could lead to a destructive habit and the possibility of abusing a person. There are so many programs and other media out there to help combat animal abuse. Animals maybe lower on the food chain but no life should be abused.
In the late 1800’s Henry Bergh was an aristocrat who started the first humane society in North America while appointed as a diplomat in the Russian court of Czar Alexander II. ...view middle of the document...

At the same time, research on the relational issues between violence to children and animals has begun to show disturbing correlations between early childhood cruelty to animals and later juvenile delinquency and or adult aggressive criminal behavior to humans” (Ascione, pg. 101). Of course with any scientific study outcomes could be based on many different factors. With that many could argue that not all human abuse cases can be linked to animal abuse. One thing for certain is that animals tend to be easy targets of abuse. Psychologists are still researching the specific triggers to animal abuse and what is the best solution to this problem. A few months ago I had to change what time to watch television and to play video games. Even though I see my oldest son every day, I really was not paying any attention to what he was doing until he said something that he should not have. Even though it was words he heard from the television his actions after just hearing them is what I noticed. That is when I started to pay closer attention to what he was exposed to. Also, when I realized this action I noticed that his behavior had gotten more aggressive than what it was. Now by being more cognitive of what he is exposed to, his aggression has died down significantly. Responsibility of all adults should be setting good examples for kids to follow.
Animal abuse could lead to a destructive habit and the possibility of abusing a person. All too often we see shows on television that depict a character hurting somebody and then later in the show you find out that he used to abuse animals when he was a kid. Some scenes show the character abuse of an animal because he himself was abused. In “Children and Animals: Exploring the Roots of Kindness and Cruelty”, Ascione gives many documented examples of what is depicted in television shows. “When children are exposed to others being harmed and abused or when the children themselves are the victims, children may imitate the behavior of the person in power” (Ascione, pg. 60). Obviously most of what we see on the television is not real, but there always seems to be some truth in every story whether the whole story is true or not.
“Morality is an artifact of human culture devised to help humans negotiate human social relations” (Pollan, pg. 325). Every person has feelings and feels remorse from time to time depending on situations. By abusing animals, we become desensitized to violence. Like any other habit the more we do it, the more it comes naturally. If you were to have someone abuse an animal base on what the animal did, long enough, then that person would have no feelings towards the animal. Now if a person did the same thing as the animal did, then the person abusing the animal would not think twice about abusing the person because of the conditioning the abuser has gone through. Think of Pavlov’s dog. Not only was the dog reacting to the bell a certain way but the...

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