Does Form Follow Function Essay

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Moriah McMicheal
September 28, 2009
Does Form Follow Function

Every person has different needs that must be met when attending a college. Those needs can consist of many things. Take studying for example, students need a place to study, good lighting and a noise level that is tolerable for their specific liking and comfort. They also need access to tools that can help them in a specific subject. Some like a place that looks a certain way. Some like small areas where as some like large areas, it all really depends on the individual person. Yakima Valley Community College is a college where those who desire to better educate their minds without judgment on their race, ...view middle of the document...

The chairs and couches are not hard wood chairs or old couches they are nice and very comfortable which once again satisfies another one of the students needs.
The look of the building is also a very important characteristic. If a building does not make you feel a certain way you will not want to remain in that building. For instance if a building is cold and dark and reminds you somewhat of a prison why would you want to stay and study there? You wouldn’t. The Glenn Anthon Building is a beautiful building from the instant you walk up to the building you can see that there was a lot of thought put into the design of it. The outside of the building looks sophisticated as a college building should. The inside of the building is not much different. The stunning artwork and remarkable architectural design of the staircase and high ceilings really makes you want to be there.
Every college student some point in their college experience is going to need help. Whether it be with math, English, history or any other subject. The Glenn Anthon Building houses two of the most important resources...

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