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Does Polluted Water Hurts The Environment?

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Does Polluted Water Hurts the Environment?

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Water pollution is the worst problem that the United States and other nations are facing today. Although, many people have known this issue, they are still contributing to it. People need to become more responsive on this issue by complying on several ways to prevent water pollution. The chemical industry and factory farms need to follow the guidelines of operating their business, by using proper disposal methods for hazardous materials and waste materials.

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Bush remarks “There’s reason for our economic and environmental progress, and it’s because our nation made a commitment; starting in the Clean Air Act of 1970, we set high goals” (Miller 132-9). Instead of the government telling utilities where and how to cut pollution, we will work with them to create a cap… [but let them] figure out how (135).
The Green Index, an environmental report by the Institute of Southern Studies, estimates that at least half the people in the United States…. due to factory effluent and other contaminants, one-fourth of the rivers, lakes, streams, and reservoirs that provide our recreational and drinking water don’t meet designated standards (Teague 70).
Design News cited that the control of water pollution was a major engineering challenge. Legislations at all government levels and initiative like June Earth Summit in Brazil are sounding the call to arms in the pollution problems. However, their most promising achievements so far:
• Filtration membranes are separating metals, oils, and other contaminants from waste streams, and taking the salt out of seawater to make it drinkable.
• Special absorbents are removing organic contaminants from groundwater and other streams, as are new treatment systems combining ultraviolet light, ozone, and hydrogen peroxide.
• Most intriguing, some companies are adopting design-for-waste-minimization strategies that cut the number of pollutants they have to treat (qtd. in Teague 70).
Senator Paul Wellstone, Democrat of Minnesota, introduced legislation…. [That] would have the same effect as the executive order (Cushman p.A.3). “We’re going to take what the White House issues and ensconce it into law,” Mr. Wellstone said, “Environmental justice is important enough that it surpasses any one Administration” (p.A.3). By adhering to the laws and guidelines imposed by the federal government, chemical industrial and factory farms can help reduce water pollution and people can have safe and clean water.
Individual people can help and work on many solutions to prevent water pollution by recycling. The federal government and many volunteer organizations worked hard to informed people on what materials to recycle. First of all, paper is one of the easiest materials to sort, and recycling can lower air pollution by reducing the need to cut and process fresh timber into a new supply of paper. Approximately 27% of all paper and cardboard products and packaging were recycled in 1994. Such materials include newspapers, magazines, milk cartons, corrugated boxes and paper towels. About 13.5 million tons of newspapers were discarded in 1994, comprising almost 5% of all municipal waste. Nearly 45 % of that newspaper is recycled “Principal Recycled Materials (Sidebar), par.1). However, recycled paper is generally of lower quality than newly produced paper. Next, glass was approximately discarded about 23% recycled in 1994, which rate for beer and...

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