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Does Sleep Deprivation Effect Academic Performance?

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A very pressing concern for adolescent students today is their academic performance. One of the factors that may contribute or oppose adequate academic average is the amount of sleep a student receives every night. Based on the secondary research that has been gathered, a statement can be made that sleep deprivation can negatively affect a student’s academic performance learning capacity. Sleep deprivation is fast-becoming the norm in society and can be influenced by things such as extremely busy schedules and sleep disorders. The cognitive function of the brain can work against a good night’s sleep. The amount of hours of sleep a teenager needs is also paramount. This study intends to ...view middle of the document...

Adolescents can really feel the academic overload because of the fact that post secondary education is fast approaching within the coming years. But the homework and studying can be delayed due to other commitments other that school work such as sports, clubs, part time jobs, and social distractions (McCann, 2008). Due to their other commitments, sleep can become less and less important as the activities latch on. In today’s society, we are constantly being surrounded by opportunities like sports, hanging out with friends, and Grand Theft Auto V. It is these factors that generate a disregard for the importance of a night’s rest.
The biology of human sleep timing, changes as people get older, but when in the uberty stages of life, our body’s internal clocks are shifted (Foster & Russell, 2013). When in the stages of puberty, the individual has a hard time falling asleep after 11 o’clock, and this trend continues to the age of nineteen for women and the age of twenty one for men (Dahl & Lewin, 2002). Given the fact that a majority of secondary institutions ring the bells by 8:00 am, students would not be getting enough sleep the night before class. In individuals, studies have shown that neural systems in the prefrontal cortex of the brain that are involved in our primary cognitive functions are most vulnerable when it comes to sleep deprivation (Curcio et al., 2006). As a direct result, most neurological functions are left impaired by sleep loss (Ibid). If not given the proper amount of rest, the body can work against itself in the process of life. The studies that were conducted just show how important sleep serves as food for the brain.
As with all of the basic necessities in life, there are consequences when they are not followed through with. Sleep in particular has many consequences if not followed through. Sleep deprived students tend to be more restless, impulsive and more irritable than other students (Dahl & Lewin, 2002). Sleep also has a decisive role in learning and cognitive memory processes (Epstein, 2007). For people in general, in order to stay alert and attentive in the classroom, your brain must get the rest that it requires in the night time. The consequence that may potentially generate the most impact in an adolescent’s life is academic achievement. Studies have shown...

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