Does Social Networking Displace Study Habits And Media Use Of College Students?

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Does social networking displace study habits and media use of college students?
Erlan D. Pasana
BS Development Communication 2011 Thesis
Visayas State University

Students and social media. Photo credit: Febelle Dareen Rojas (VSU)
As one of the media of communication, social networking plays an important role in people’s lives. Its usage may vary from one person to another depending on the benefits that this medium can provide for them. For students specifically, social networking serves as their channel to express their thoughts and feelings about a certain issue. It helps them in building up stronger relationships with their loved ...view middle of the document...

Respondent profile. Close to two-thirds (64.7%) of the respondents were female while the remaining 35.3% were male. Respondents’ ages ranged from 16 to 28 with a mean of 18.85. A little more than one-fifth (20.7%) of the respondents were enrolled in BS Hotel Restaurant and Tourism Management (BSHRTM), followed by more than a tenth (12.9%) who were enrolled in both Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) and Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSED) .
Respondents’ Motivations for Social Networking Use
The motivations that were measured in this study were categorized adopting Katz, Gurevich and Haas’ motivation framework (1973), as follows:
* Cognitive needs (acquiring information, knowledge or understanding)
- Information sharing
- Entertainment
- Social interaction
* Affective needs (emotional, pleasurable, or aesthetic experience)
- Companionship
- Self expression
* Personal integrative needs (strengthening credibility, confidence and stability)
- Pass time
- Relaxation
- Functionality
- Usability
- Technical sustainability and flexibility
- Cool and new technology
* Social integrative needs (strengthening contact with family and friends)
- Maintaining relationship
- Meeting new people
* Tension release needs (related to escape in terms of distancing from social roles)
- Escape
Displacement effects on study habits
When asked about the effect of social networking use on their study time duration (in hours), more than three-fifths (69%) of the respondents indicated that it stayed the same, while exactly a fourth (25%) of them reported a decrease. The remaining 6 percent of them expressed that their time in studying increased because of social networking use. Since more than two-thirds (69%) of the respondents indicated that their hours spent in studying did not decrease, it appears that social networking use did not have a displacement effect on respondents’ study habits.
Displacement effects on media use
Overall, 11.2 percent of the respondents reported an increase in time spent on other media as a result of social networking use, (46.6%) reported that their time spent on the six media activities stayed the same while more than two-fifths (42.2%) of the respondents answered that the time they spent on other media decreased because of social networking use.
Displacement effects on media-related activities
Of the six media-related activities, only reading newspaper (56.9%) and using landline telephone (55.2%) decreased since the respondents started using social networking sites. In contrast, social networking use did not displace the time spent on the other media activities. Table 1 shows the effects of social networking use on time spent on the six media activities.
Table 1. Changes in amount of time spent on media use as a result of social networking use

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