Does This Milk Shake Taste Funny

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Case Preparation
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Apply theory/readings to the analysis. Make statements regarding how the situation, circumstances would have been better/improved if a particular approach or theoretical construct had been applied.
If possible within the context of your conclusion, offer suggestions/ideas for better practice or improved results.
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Eastern Dairy was unionized and the pay was better than other places so when George was offered a job at Eastern Dairy he was ecstatic. Eastern Dairy manufactured milkshake and ice-cream mix for a number of customers in the metropolitan area. When George reported to work there were no managers in the shift and Paul behaved as an un-announced leader. Everything was going well with the shift until George saw milk shake mix spewing out. George looked at it and found that a filter was clogged when he removed the filter he saw lumps of maggots. Paul was more worried about how to finish running 500 gallons of remaining milkshake mix. Paul asked George to remove the filter and run so that they can finish running 500 gallons of milkshake mix. He also assured that this stuff goes through homogenizer, so any solid matter will be completely pulverized. However, now George is faced with ethical issues where he is worried about the children who will drink this funny tasting milkshake due to the maggots and it is going to make children sick.
George is faced with conflict of interest here as to whether he should do as Paul said to remove the filter and run the Milkshake mix and finish his shift on time or to report the maggots and stop the run in favor of not distributing contaminated milkshake products. There is also an issue of fairness and honesty in part for George that relates to potential harm caused by milkshake mix and to report the incident to morning shift managers. The lack of management is another problem and the guidance that is provided which is not the quality of the product rather than to finish the job has created a bad precedence for night shift workers that could eventually hit the bottom line for Eastern Dairy.
Eastern Dairy by not having proper quality controls, management controls have put its reputation on line with providing contaminated products to market. It is the fiduciary responsibility of the Eastern Dairy towards the shareholders to make utmost care in its operations; otherwise they will be subjected to lawsuit and costly regulations that would eventually ruin its reputation and its bottom line.
The situation could have been solved if Eastern Dairy management could have implemented ethical policies or provided ethical training for employees. Also, the situation could have been averted if management would have created a quality conscious and a...

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