Dogs And Inherited Behavior Essay

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Our Individual Worth
By Daniela Seare

The last few weeks I have been trying to figure out what I should do as my topic for this paper. While trying to find something that caught my interest, I came across a youth message on It was from a CES devotional talk by Elder Uchtdorf, entitled, The Reflection in the Water made into the youth video message, Our True Identity.. Individual worth is such a vital part of our eternal lives, as well as our personal understanding and relationship with our Heavenly Father. I think it is too often we overlook the importance of them, and I hope to shed some light on the vitality of these principles and their need in our eternal existence.
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Buzz Light-Year and Woody are under a car, facing the dilemma of being stuck in a place that neither of them knows very well. The scene goes as follows, I’m sure many of you will recognize it:
Woody: Oh, yeah? Well, if you hadn't shown up in your stupid little cardboard spaceship and taken away everything that was important to me—
Buzz: Don't talk to me about importance. Because of you, the security of this entire universe is in jeopardy!
Woody: What? What are you talking about?!
Buzz: Right now, poised at the edge of the galaxy, Emperor Zurg has been secretly building a weapon with the destructive capacity to annihilate an entire planet! I alone have information that reveals this weapon's only weakness. And you, my friend, are responsible for delaying my rendezvous with Star Command!
Woody: You are a toy! You aren't the real Buzz Light-year! You're a-- Uh, you're an action figure! You are a child's plaything!
People every day tell us, whether it be through the tabloids, or the people we see in our everyday lives, that we are nothing, and worth nothing, we are in essence a “child’s plaything”. But we are sons and daughters of a Kings, sent across the universe, and we hold the information to take down Satan, poised to with a weapon that only we can destroy. We must always be conscious of our expansive individual worth, and in order to keep this worth in mind, we must always have in our hearts the importance we play here on this earth.
In Uchtdorf’s address he says something that I now hold very dear to my heart, “Think of where you came from. You are sons and daughters of the greatest, most glorious being in the universe. He loves you with an infinite love. He wants the best for you. Do you think our Father in Heaven wants you to feel depressed and sad? He wants no such thing. He has provided the commandments, which are the royal road to a life of purpose, peace, and joy. All we need to do is follow it. Knowing and living God’s commandments really do lead to fulfillment and to joy.” I have often felt sad or inadequate, and this is a talk I have gone to for comfort countless times. God is our Father, and we need to always remember that before we came here, we walked and talked and knew him as our Father. Ezra Taft Benson once said, “Nothing will surprise us more than when we get to heaven and see the Father and realize how well we know Him and how familiar His face is to us.” He is our Father, and we can continue that relationship with Him here on earth on a long distance level. Understanding this will help us find a personal understanding of our individual worth.
Another important topic Uchtdorf touches on in his address is the fact...

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