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Dogs Kill In Mtr Essay

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Case Study
Dog was killed by MTR because of refusing to suspend the service

A dog was killed on the MTR track on August 2015, which raised a wave of protest from different parties.
The dog was found walking on the track at Sheung Shui MTR station at around 10:00am. It was trying to climb back onto the platform. As seen in the video took by the onlooker1, MTR staff has tried to help the dog. MTR service has suspend for 6 minutes at this moment. But the staffs are lacking of experience to help it getting back to the platform. Finally the dog disappeared from the Sheung Shui MTR station and MTR control center decided to resume the service. At around 10:30am, the ...view middle of the document...

This case will also lead worldwide people think HK government is cruel and neglect animals’ right. Obviously HK government will request a detail report and solution from MTR to maintain a positive image. If not, HK government may limit the allowance to MTR in the next coming year.

e) Internal Staffs of MTR
They have follow the instruction and guideline of MTR. However people keep asking why they don’t put more effort on saving the dog’s life. They are innocent. MTR would need to provide some activities to raise their morale. Otherwise, their working performance may not keep in a good quality.

Impact on the corporate identity and reputation of MTR
The mission of MTR has mentioned to contribute to the community and stakeholders, leading to a better living2. In this case, it is seriously different from the corporate identify stated by MTR.
In recent years, people always give hostility to the rich and large corporate. For any suspension of MTR service, it will have a penalty charge. So many people are thinking that MTR is only concern about money but not a life. This thought has magnified the hostility between people to MTR. The corporate image bring by MTR in this case to public is cruel and money orientated. As “we live in a time when word of mouth is number 1 driver of sales and competitive advantage”3, this case has already widespread on the internet. MTR corporate reputation has badly impacted. This is why we need to have a good communication plan as well as strategic management to driven MTR identity and image back to a right track.

Corporate Communication Plan
1) Objectives
To show MTR is not only focus on human business, but also the rights of animals.

2) Target Stakeholder
As communication plan is always focusing on one group of stakeholder, this plan can focus on the animal’s lovers. After implement this plan, we want to correct the negative image to MTR in their mind.

3) Communication strategy
We will setup a “Cats & Dogs zone” in every outdoor MTR station platform. For any stray cat or dog that find in the MTR station, we will help them and getting into this zone.

Figure 2: “Cats & Dogs zone” reference picture

Of course, we will invite SPCA to provide us the professional...

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