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Doing It For The Girls Commentary

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“Doing It For The Girls” is an article that appears to be written in the last 2 years and is written in the point of view of a journalist working at a developed, Western-based, English speaking magazine company. This article is written about the stereotypes surrounding the typically male dominated field of nuclear engineering and the criticism that Katie Fish faces as a young, female nuclear engineer. The discourse used in this article is formal yet accessible, following the typical style of a magazine article that is catering to a wide readership. This article was made by either a reporter or a publicist for the EDF energy company in hopes of promoting jobs for women in male dominated ...view middle of the document...

The title, “Doing It For The Girls” is located at the top left-hand side of the page in a large, bold serif font. This title emphasizes the target audiences as “The Girls” is slightly larger than “Doing It For” and this immediately catches the reader’s eye as the main focus of the article. Directly below the heading is the sub-heading which is in a smaller serif font. In both the heading and sub-heading, the “soft” font emphasizes the feminity of the article and the word “challenges” from the sub-heading is used as a way of addressing the inherent problem that some employers have a bias against women in the workplace. In the bottom left-hand corner, there is a smaller picture of Fish working with a pen and notebook and wearing stylish clothes. Her smile in both pictures illustrates that she is comfortable with her job and has overcome the “stereotypes surrounding nuclear energy” as a male oriented area of work. Towards the middle of the page, there is a large quote, “There are many more young people and women coming into the industry”. This supports the main idea of the article that youths and women must try and penetrate jobs and fields that are typically done by men. The article is formulated into 3 columns of paragraphs to make it more accessible to the reader and to follow the classic format of a magazine article. Finally, there is a small logo of EDF Energy in the bottom left-hand corner which asks readers to visit their website for “more information on nuclear energy”. The inclusion of a website demonstrates that this is a recent article as website promotion only recently started being a convention.

There are a few themes present in this article, all relating to Katie Fish such as the theme of feminism, stereotypes in the engineering field and nuclear engineering. In the large picture on the right-hand side of the page, Fish is seen to be wearing a bright pink jacket with a smart white-striped collared shirt and a notebook, pen and paper in her hand. The bright pink jacket, in addition to the soft fonts and flowery design on her shirt in the second picture, reinstates the theme of feminism throughout the article. The discourse in this article, yet formal, is accessible so as to appeal to a wide readership and is about females in the field of nuclear engineering. Also, the themes in this article are commonly debated and relatable. Next, Katie says, “most are surprised” when she tells people what her occupation is. This “surprise” enforces the theme that women are not seen as typically being engineers and rather as homemakers. In addition to this, the statistics and engineering jargon such as, “the safety of a series of fire barricades” aid to emphasize the theme of nuclear...

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