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Dolomites Take Family Vacationing To New Heights!

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First, choose the appropriate dosing regimens, stability of raw meal composition. A high lime saturation coefficient, high rate of silicon raw material is not easy to occur in the phenomenon, and the clinker quality is better, but the material is fireproof, on the operation requirement is high. If low lime saturation coefficient and low rate of aluminum raw material, the sintering range is narrow, and the liquid phase amount slants mucto buy portable ballast crusherh, agglomeration is thick, has slightly carelessly will lead to cabbage. So in production as far as possible to choose two of proportioning scheme, namely high KH, high SM, IM, the ingredients and easy operation and low clinker quality is relatively stable. Second, try to use containing harmful substances lower raw material, especially coal; to strengthen coal homogenization, and can meet ...view middle of the document...

If the ball is relatively small, the operation should be appropriate to increase the ventilation in the kiln, so that the flame is smooth, but attention must be paid to the kiln temperature control, so that it should not be too high; may slightly reduce the kiln head coal, but must ensure that the pulverized coal complete combustion, and appropriate to reduce the volume of feed, slightly reducing kiln speed, let the kiln material ball rolled into the burning zone; material such as a ball to the burning zone, to reduce the number of kiln speed, with fire in a short period of time will burn out or burn, so as not to enter the cooling machine blocked or damaged grate plate, but at the same time, special attention should be paid to the kiln leather case. If the head is large, with alternating method for processing; when the ball in the transition zone is not easy to go into the burning zone, then the coal injection pipe is extended go in, appropriate to reduce the volume of feed, burned in 1~ 2H after coal tube pulled out and then fired1 ~ 2H, go round and begin again, until the material ball broken cleft; if you can't make it to rupture, can stop the kiln cooling1 ~2H after ignition temperature, let the ball because of excessive temperature difference and rupture. Note in the process, do not let the aniseed ball rolls into the cooling machine, otherwise it will cause more damage to the cooling machine; the other should control for kiln temperature can not be too high, avoid behind a small material ball appeared one after another.

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