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Domestic Violence Essay

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Are College Campuses Doing Enough to Educate and Prevent Female Students from Domestic Violence Abuse?
(Introduction) Domestic violence represents a severe and ongoing problem in the America as well as in other countries. Domestic violence can take place between partners of the same sex, and at times men are also victims of female partner abuse. However, in the vast number of cases, the victims are women who were battered by their male partners. In fact, each day the statistics on domestic violence against women become greater. According to the movie: Secrets, Lies, and Apologies: America's Domestic Violence Crisis, “A woman is beaten every fifteen seconds; nearly 2 in 3 women know their ...view middle of the document...

(Claim 1) The first logical reason why college campuses should do more to educate and prevent female students from domestic violence abuse is because offering programs about the issue reduces the occurrences. If programs were available, women could go through sessions as a couple or the females could go by themselves. The authors of Spouse Abuse “A Treatment for Couples” say, “This program is an immediate and complete cessation of violence in cases of spouse abuse. To accomplish this goal, a skill- building training format has been adopted that draws heavily on social- learning and cognitive- reconstructing principles” (Neidig and Friedman 59). Programs such as this could help saves lives. They also suggest that the program does not have to focus on the past or on pathology, nor is a high level of confrontation or personal disclosure encouraged in areas unrelated to the expression of violence. This program may also help clients by making them aware of the factors that contribute to their involvement in violence, and improving their self-control and problem-solving abilities (Neidig and Friedman). Furthermore the authors reveal, “Couple counseling sessions are more effective than individual counseling sessions, and more than 30% have a successful relationship after this method” (55). Other successful tactics could be shelters, rapid response team, the ability to press criminal charges, self-defense classes, a hotline, and even support groups. These should all be supported and advertised by college campuses.
(Opposition 1) While offering special programs could be costly, they’d also be beneficial. Money could be funded from the school, just as other projects are. Charging couples per session could also keep the program alive. This program could allow the same techniques and information to be given to both partners, including education about domestic violence and personal responsibility for one's actions and safety, as well as attention to warning signs that the abuser is at risk to lose control over his or her anger. It can help focus on better communication patterns that could help prevent risky situations in which the batterer is prone to lose self-control. Also it provides a “safe place” to discuss difficult and anxiety-provoking topics. Many abusers are not willing to openly address their behavior, but college campuses could require courses for all students. This program could also be used as disciplinary means.
(Claim 2) Next, the reason colleges should do more is because domestic violence affects the mental health of young female minds. The brain doesn’t finish developing until the age of 25, so to be young and going through domestic violence within a relationship could really hinder a college student from focusing on schoolwork. The purpose of a college campus is to grow students academically. This cannot occur as readily if a young woman is concerned about abuse and depression. Depression affects the brain which affects learning...

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