Dominance Of Social Networking Essay

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Dominance of Social Networking
In early 2013, German courts have ruled the internet as ‘essential’ to the German citizens. It’s not only in Germany where we see that the internet has become huge part of our daily lives. All over the world we see that there are more and more people using the internet every day. The internet is a boon in so many ways, but like everything it also has a flip side. The internet provides us with facilities and information man couldn’t imagine of having within a few seconds a few decades ago. Today, we take it for granted. One of the boons of the internet is Social Networking websites. For many, social networking IS the internet. Ever since the ...view middle of the document...

Some of the most used social networking websites are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkdIn, Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram, MySpace etc. Social networking has gained so much popularity in the last few years, and now there are people who can’t ‘live’ without getting constant updates from their various accounts on various social networking platforms.

Social Networking helps us stay ‘connected’
The reason social networking was invented, was to ‘get connected’. Today, social networking is a huge success and a huge population of the world is active on a social networking site. Registering on a social networking site ensures that we are connected with our friends and relatives wherever we are. Even if they do not see us daily, social media ensures that they get constant news about what is going on in our lives. In 2010, 50% of the world’s population was below the age of 30, and 96% of these people were a part of some social networking community or another. Social networking has gained so much popularity in the last few years. In 2010, a survey conducted in America showed that Facebook had three times as much online traffic as compared to Google in a week. In today’s world, people want to know everything about everyone. The best way for this to happen is via social networking and micro blogging. One can post pictures, share videos and music, add comments to already existing pictures and videos, start discussion threads and so much more. One can find people they were once friends or colleagues with and rekindle old relations. The idea of befriending someone in a faraway place from home isn’t as strange and abstract as it used to be. By joining -communities of your interest, you also get a chance to connect with new people who share the same interest with you.
Facebook and Twitter are the two sites that are being predominantly used by most people across the world. Facebook lets you connect with your family, friends and relatives. Due to the popularity of Facebook, a lot of people across the world are registering and becoming users of this new form of communication. This website has become a common ground for people which results to finding your old friends, relatives and family members. This makes it easier for them to interact and coordinate with their friends and relatives irrespective of time zones or geographical locations. Social networking also helps introverts, or people who have low self esteem overcome their shyness and help them to start interacting with people and gain more self confidence.

Facebook lets its users post anything on their walls or even their friend’s walls. The wall of a particular user is a common ground for that user’s entire friend list and also for the user himself. The news feed lets users see updates posted by their friends on a minute to minute basis. Users take advantage of the wall and the news feed feature and post things about their daily lives or important events that have taken place so as to inform others of what...

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