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Domineering Leadership Style Essay

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Domineering Leadership Style
Rita Willich
Everest University Online
Professor Prevetti

This paper is going to be about Skill-Builder 10-2 on pages 356 and 357 of the text book Supervision: Concepts and Practices of Management. This skill-builder has to do with leadership styles or one style in particular. I will discuss this particular style and also what an employee should do when confronted with it.
The skill-builder is about a manager, Ralph Poore also known as “Roary” by one of his employees because of his temper (Leonard, 2008), who is very brusque with his employees. One who seems to have definite anger management issues. Is this style of ...view middle of the document...

There are several things that can be done when confronted with this type of leadership style. Keith Ayers, who is the president of Integro Leadership Institute, a global business, management, and leadership consultancy firm, has compiled a list of tips for working with a dominating boss. Here are a couple of them (Ayers, n.d.):
1. “”Understand Impatience: Since domineering bosses are also notoriously impatient you must understand this trait. However, if you feel you are right about something you must be persistent.
2. “Don’t Take it Personally”: Being a dominant person may be one of the traits that put your supervisor in the position they are in. They are not there to be friends with their employees. Remember that you just have to work together not be friends.
Here are some more tips on working with a dominating boss.
1. “Keep your boss in the loop”. By letting your boss know what is going on you will help keep him or her from micromanaging you and will also retain their trust. (Grace, n.d.)
2. “Speak with your boss if his dominating characteristics blossom into disrespectful or excessively demanding behavior. Do not tolerate bullying or disruptive behavior and refrain from being a pushover. For example, if your boss is overworking you, courteously let him know that you have too much on your plate to deliver the appropriate results that he requires.” (Grace, n.d.)
There are other steps you can take if the ones listed above are not adequate enough.
1. You can try talking to your boss about their behavior. They may not realize exactly how bad they are behaving. In some cases this may cause the boss to step back and take a look at themselves and if it does not stop the behavior completely it may help them to see and tone down how they are behaving.
2. You can take your issues to the HR department. When going to the HR department makes sure to take a list of documented incidents. This way when they ask what happened and when you have your list and do not have to try to remember exact dates and times. Another good idea is to have your co-workers either go with you or give you...

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