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Dominos Pizza Management Issues Essay

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Luis Molina
Writing 2
Ms. Katherine Hubbard
Business communication issue
Domino’s Pizza communication issue
Effective communication is essential to the success of any business organization. Since the world is becoming a global village it is of utmost importance to effectively communicate within and outside of an organization. However, due to the large organizational sizes and the many organizational structures it becomes very difficult to get any message across. Effective communication can improve relations, motivate and ultimately best results for the company in
the long run.
The business communication issue that I am going to talk about happened in the year 2009, in ...view middle of the document...

"Learning from direct experience can be more effective if coupled with reflection--that is, the intentional attempt to synthesize, abstract, and articulate the key lessons taught by experience." (Nigel Rayment, 2014) As Nigel Rayment said in one of his articles, learning from direct experience is more effective sometimes. In my opinion, one of the reasons why Dominos is such a competitive company today is because the company has learned how deal with some issues like this one. The company has experimented itself how to overcome a very complicated business communication issue with their customers.
Also, the environment between the workers inside the company is very important. A great relationship between the workers is required, in order to the company to be successful. In this case we can see how this two employees are not looking forward to help their partners in the company, their only intention was to hurt the company image. This business communication issue was really hard to solved, because when the image of a company goes down is very difficult to raise it back up again. (Amy Jacques, 2015)
The way in which companies communicate with stakeholders during a crisis event is rapidly changing with the 24-hour access provided by the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The company deiced to communicate with the customers as soon as they could, with the intention of solving the problem and letting the world know that what happened was the action of only two individuals. Therefore, they wanted to prove that what happened was the action of two individual trying to ruin the company image.
The truth that Tim McIntyre, VP of Communications, wanted to convey was that this incident was “a rogue act of two individuals who thought they were being funny. That they do not represent this brand. That they do not represent the 100,000 people who work every day at Domino’s Pizza all over the world” (Flandez, 2009). The truth that Patrick Doyle wanted to articulate was that “We didn’t do this. We’re sorry. And we want to earn your trust back” (Peeples & Vaughn, 2010).

However, once the company realized that those videos were posted, and the individuals who posted them were wearing the company clothe and also were cooking at one of the company restaurants. They realized those individuals who posted the videos were employees of the company. Therefore, the first thing that they decided to do was to identify the two individuals. This operation took two hours after the videos were posted.
After all this confusion and trouble, some members of the company found out that there were not any orders coming into the store at that particular time. The two individuals who posted the video were just bored and they decided to do something funny without realizing how far those videos were going to go and how much were going to affect in the costumers and in the company image. The phones were not ringing among that period of time, which is why the members of...

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