Don Quixote Essay

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Cassie Smith
November 19, 2008
World Lit 1
Paper #2

Don Quixote

I have chosen to show an interesting and comical relationship between the famous gentleman Don Quixote and the farm laborer Sancho Panza. The story, written by Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra is set in the 1550’s of Spain. This unlikely pair goes on adventures and all the while learns important life lessons. I am prepared to show how comical, cynical, and dependent, Don Quixote of La Mancha and Sancho Panza are to each other.
In the story, Cervantes lets you know that Don Quixote is about the age of fifty and going insane. Quixote’s sidekick or, squire, is the farm laborer by the name of Sancho Panza. He is ...view middle of the document...

” (Ormsby). Of course this didn’t go without Sancho being right by his side to help pick him up and get back to their adventure.
Another instance of the cynical, yet funny Pancho Sanza was Chapter nineteen first part. Quixote wants to change his name and image on the shield and Pancho replies with this; “There’s no reason to waste time and money making that face, what your grace should do instead is uncover yours and show it to those who are looking at you, and right away, without any images or shields, they’ll call you The Knight of Sorrowful Face; believe me, I’m telling you the truth, because I promise your grace, Senor, and I’m only joking, that hunger and your missing teeth give you such a sorry-looking face that, as I’ve said, you can easily do without the sorrowful picture.” (Grossman)
Perhaps my favorite part of the book is when they are in the woods and hear a heart stopping, loud pounding. From this moment on, I was not quite sure if Sancho had all of his marbles. The two stopped where they were, but then Quixote decided to leave and find out what the noise was. Sancho, being fearful of everything, cried and pleaded for him to stay and tricked Quixote by tying his horse legs with the reigns of his ass. While they are waiting for daybreak, Sancho does the unthinkable beside Quixote who refuses to get off his horse. Sancho was so afraid of the loud noise that he would not release his hand from his master’s thigh. It was then that nature took hold of Sancho and Quixote realized Sancho had relieved himself “It seems to me, Sancho, that you are very frightened.” (Grossman) He...

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