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Donald Trump Is Hitler Speech

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Over the Christmas holidays, I was lucky enough to go on a trip around Europe with my family. I visited many beautiful countries, experienced different cultures and ate many strange and delicious foods. My favorite place, however, without a doubt would have been Amsterdam. This was a very physically beautiful city with elaborate canal system and narrow houses and many art galleries including the works of Van Gogh, however the city’s history was not as beautiful as its exterior beauty.

The Anne Frank house is one of the most famous landmarks in Amsterdam. And rightfully so. Anne is most famous for keeping a diary throughout the Holocaust, and hence became a symbol for the mass murder of Jews ...view middle of the document...

And it is no surprise that Republican frontrunner for the presidential nomination, Donald Trump, is doing exactly this – he studied a highly successful politician, except it was not an American and not the kind of monster that any decent person should emulate. That being said, Donald Trump is not a decent person, and based on his embrace of Adolf Hitler’s volume of speeches he made between 1918 and 1941, he intends on being an effective Nazi rather than a good American.

Now days, comparing someone to Hitler - no matter how dangerous and stupid they seem - is seen as beyond extreme. But when it comes to Donald Trump, his rise to power perfectly mirrors that of Hitler’s.

The only thing I used to know about Donald Trump, was that he yelled “you’re fired” a lot, and then he himself ironically got fired. And now all of a sudden he is running for president? Before that, before becoming a World Wrestling Entertainment or reality show celebrity, I’m sure there was a point where Trump was ‘relatively’ normal, until he started keeping a volume of Hitler’s speeches in a cabinet by his bedside. The similarities between Trump’s hate speeches and his racist policy proposals and those that came to effect in Nazi Germany are almost uncanny. It is also a known fact that Donald Trump is a closet fan of the most evil mass-murdering psychopath in history.

Let’s just actually think about what would happen if Donald Trump was elected president. To come up with a vague answer we would have to look back at history. Because as James Burk once said, “Why should we look to the past in order to prepare for the future? Because there is no where else to look.” Let’s rewind back to Germany in the 1930’s. The worldwide economic depression hit Germany hard, and they were grim. Millions of people were out of jobs and still fresh in everyone’s mind was their humiliating defeat fifteen years earlier during World War I. Now compare this to the current situation in America. Their influence on the world is weakening, financially and militarily, because fifteen years ago, 9/11 struck America. They are in desperate need of a new leader, just how Germany was before Hitler came to power.

Hitler was a powerful and astonishing public speaker that had the ability to make people stand up and listen. Germany was desperate for change and he promised just that. He was going to “make Germany great again.” Isn’t it a little suspicious that Donald Trump’s campaign slogan is to “make America great again”? Hitler’s Nazi regime appealed to the unemployed, young people and members of lower middle class, but he was never voted into government. He only came to power not through elections, but because Hindenburg and the circle around Hindenburg ultimately decided to appoint him chancellor – the head of public government – in January 1933. It wasn’t the public’s choice. They didn’t like him. The only thing they agreed with was his hatred for the Treaty of Versailles and the blame that Germany had...

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