"Donne Manipulates Conventional Forms Of Religious Poetry To His Own Ends. Discuss This Statement With Reference To Texts Studied."

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John Donne is one of the many poets of his time who wrote religious poetry. The way he writes sets him apart from the other poets as he manages to successfully subvert the traditional conventions to his own ends.Each of the religious poems "Batter my heart" and "Hymne to God, my God, in my sicknesse" shows Donne's verbal dexterity, manipulation of the conventional form and use of a variety of textual features.For the religious sonnet "Batter my heart" the conventional form is that the writer would adopt a subservient tone. Donne manipulates this form by adopting an aggressive, commanding tone.In this poem God is called upon, like a blacksmith transforming metal, to fix the misshapen sinner. ...view middle of the document...

The second paradox states"Nor ever chast, except you ravish me..."imploring God that the speaker can't be virginal until God ravishes him. The double paradox further conveys the violent imagery and themes. They also finish his sustained argument that for the speaker to be pure, God needs to be violent.Three main themes are explored in this poem. The first theme is of God being a blacksmith, repairing damaged metal; behind this is the idea of God as the creator.The second theme is of violence and of the military. This is conveyed through the use of such words as "usurpt town, Captiv'd" etc.The third theme is in sexual terms of domination through marriage and sexual conquest. This theme is conveyed through the use of words such as "ravish mee, imprison me" etc.Donne creates word chains through the use of three distinctive themes. These word chains link the language and help to create an enjambment within the poem.Another religious poem, not unlike "Batter my heart", that Donne subverts is called "Hymne to God, my God, in my sicknesse". The conventional form for this spiritual lyric is that the speaker adopts a subservient tone towards God. Donne manipulates this form by assuming an aggressive and commanding tone.In this poem the speaker is gravely ill and indicates that the tumultuous winds of life will eventually overwhelm his frail body, and that to obtain happiness in heaven he must pass through the misery and suffering of life.In the first stanza the imager of music is consistent through the use of words such as "instrument, tune, quire of saints". The line"I tune the instrument at the dore"suggests that perhaps it is his body and soul that is Gods instrument, to administer faith to. This stanza also begins the first person narration of the poem. This use of first person narrating gives the poem a subjective view that shows a personal side of the...

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