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Dont Search For This Essay

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S.M.I Module One Emilie Ann Herre
1. Define Aesthetician: A person who is licensed to practice skin care pursuant to this chapter.
2. Define Aesthetics: Any one or combination of the following practices as they are performed for Cosmetic purposes:
a. Massaging, cleansing, stimulating, manipulating, exercising, beautifying, or applying oils, creams, antiseptics, clays, lotions, or other preparations either by hand or by mechanical or electrical appliances.
b. Arching eyebrows or tinting eyebrows and eyelashes.
c. Removing superfluous hair by means other than electrolosis.
3. Define Instructor: A person licensed to teach cosmetology, aesthetics, or nail technology, or any combination thereof pursuant to this chapter
4. Define Salon:
d. An establishment operated for the purpose of engaging in the process of cosmetology, aesthetics or nail technology or any combination of the listed practices.
e. An establishment ...view middle of the document...

What is a “Mobile Salon Unit”?
A retrofitted motor vehicle is used exclusively as a mobile facility that is dispatched from a business address in the providing mobile cosmetology, aesthetics and nail technology; comply with all salon requirements infection control and equipment requirements.
6. Define Arizona State Board of Cosmetology.
A board or commission is an independent body consisting of members who are appointed by public officials, usually by the governor.
7. How many people were on the board?
Seven (7)
8. How do these people become board members?
They are appointed by the governor seeing as the board is to be conducted under specific requirements of background and job history.
9. Define the individuals on the board.
Two cosmetologists, One nail technician, One instructor who has actively been practicing in this state for at least 3 years immediately preceding their appointments. One school owner, one educator and public member who does not represent or involved in the manufacture of cosmetology or nail technology products.
10. How long is the term of office with board members.
3 years.
11. When does the appointment for the board members begin and end?
June 22nd.
12. Do the board members get paid by the state?
Members of the board are eligible to receive compensation as determined, pursuant to section 38-611 for each day of actual service in the business of the board.
13. Name three duties of the board members
g. Either prepare or administer and grade the practical or written examinations
h. Make and maintain the record of its acts and proceedings including insurance, denial, renewal, suspension, revocation of licenses and public reproofs of licenses.
i. The board may inspect the premises of any salon or school during business hours.
14. When are the board meetings held?
They shall hold a meeting regularly every month and may hold other meetings at times and places designated
15. Who can attend these meetings?
Any member of the public who wishes to address the board regarding a matter on the agenda for board action may submit a request to be heard on the forms provided by the board.
16. Name three types of people who are exempt from this chapter in their occupation and Students attending school licensed pursuant to this chapter.
Commissioned physicians

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