Dont Text And Drive Essay

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Don’t text and drive
Victoria Guerriero
Image Analysis

“Five seconds is the average time your eyes are off the road while texting. When traveling at 55mph, that's enough time to cover the length of a football field.” (2009, VTTI). While texting and driving has always been an issue since people were able to text on phones, it has not gained much media attention until recently. People may have sent an occasional text while driving ten years ago, but because the keyboard was harder to use, people were not doing it as often. Today’s phones allow you to text with one hand, making it easier to text while driving. With that being said there have been more accidents related to texting and driving. Those that have been injured or almost injured in an accident may no longer text and drive, but the vast majority of ...view middle of the document...

People will participate in this dangerous action to prove that they will not get hurt. Others will see this and think it is okay for them to text and drive as well. It is like a deadly chain reaction. The ads need to capture the attention of the audience and show how serious texting and driving really is.
I believe this ad has a very powerful meaning. Obviously the main message is do not text and drive but it does have a deeper meaning. The car is driving through a neighborhood and a ball is rolling across the street. It is a typical day in just about everyone’s neighborhood. The phone takes the place of a child running to get the ball. I believe the photographer uses a child rather than an adult because it shows how serious texting and driving is: how one message can take an innocent life. The text under the picture says “You can’t count on text message to reveal what’s happening on the road in front of you.” I see it as the phone, something so worthless is taking the place of a child, who means the world to someone.
This ad is from BMW and the only reason I am pointing this out is because there is a reason BMW is advertising the “Don’t text and drive” slogan. The iDrive system that was in the cars was very intricate and forced drivers to scroll through menus just to do basic tasks. This gave BMW a bad reputation so to make up for the lost cause they made ads against texting and driving and also updated the iDrive system to make it straightforward.
Texting and driving is a serious and fatal problem that many drivers take part in. I think it should be illegal because of how many accidents and deaths are related to texting and driving. Next time you read or reply to a message while driving, think about the danger you put yourself and everyone around you in.

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