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Dove: Real Beauty Campaign Essay

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Dove: The Real Beauty Campaign
In 2004, Dove launched a very successful campaign called “The Campaign for Real Beauty” which featured real women, not models, advertising Dove’s firming cream. The campaign was started after Dove conducted a global study on beauty. The study called, “The Real Truth About Beauty: A World Report,” used quantitative data collected from an international study of 3,200 women from ten different countries. Through the study, Dove aimed to explore the relationship women have with beauty, determine how women define beauty, learn the level of satisfaction with women’s beauty and the impact beauty has on the well-being of women. Through two key findings of the study, ...view middle of the document...

” According to a press release, Dove wants “to make women feel more beautiful every day by challenging today’s stereotypical view of beauty and inspiring women to take great care of themselves.” The use of women “of various ages, shapes and sizes” is designed “to provoke discussion and debate about today’s typecast beauty images.”2
The campaign became hugely successful in both its reach and impact. The six women in the U.S. ads were featured in national television spots, magazine ads, print ads and billboards in major urban markets in North America. The campaign and its influence on body image were the subject of much commentary in newspapers and blogs, receiving mostly praise and lots of attention. The Real Beauty models also received their share of the spotlight appearing on numerous television programs including “Oprah,” “The Today Show,” and “The View.”
In February 2007, the second phase of the campaign was introduced with Dove using advertisements that targeted women 50 years and older. Currently, the campaign focuses on young girls and self-esteem. For this part of the campaign, Dove created self-esteem workshops and online self-esteem tools for mothers and daughters. In addition, Dove has created online films such as “Evolution,” “Onslaught” and “True Colors” which was a highly regarded commercial during the 2006 Super Bowl. “Evolution” had an enormous impact globally: it has been viewed more than 20 million times online and seen by more than 300 million people in various channels of distribution, including news coverage.
The results of this campaign were overwhelming from the consumers and the media. In the first six months of the campaign, sales of Dove’s firming products increased 700% in Europe and in the United States, sales for the products in the advertisements increased 600% in the first two months of the campaign. In 2004, global sales surpassed $1 billion, exceeding company expectations. Dove’s public relations company built in news coverage for Asia with the Dove “models” appearing in 618 different newspaper clippings with a circulation of 139 million. By the end of 2005, sales in the Asian-Pacific market increased from 19% to 26%.3
In the United States, the campaign got free advertising space from media coverage on national television shows reaching 30 million daytime television viewers. These shows included The Oprah Winfrey Show, which included the campaign everyday for a week, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Today Show, The View and CNN
Dove and Ogilvy have won awards for this campaign. In 2006 it was awarded a Grand EFFIE, which honors the most...

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