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As a manager at the Dow Chemical Company overseeing the silicon breast implant litigation, I would opt to conduct a full-scale advertising campaign focused on describing “…the benefits of silicone products. Without mentioning the breast-implant issue,” and “tell numerous heart-wrenching tales about how silicone products have saved the lives of children. “
I think this would be the most strategic way to handle this situation given the circumstances. By design, this campaign would yield many benefits for Dow Chemical’s business.

First of all, this campaign would distract the general public from the negative aspects of the silicone products business and focus them on the positive aspects. ...view middle of the document...

On top of potentially contributing to a positive resolution of the silicone-breast law suit the advertising campaign would also create awareness of other products produced by Dow Chemical but that are not widely popular or acknowledged among the general public. This essentially means that the advertising campaign would also create more sales for the company.

To conclude I would say that by communicating an informative, emotional message to the general public the company would be able to improve its corporate image, educate the general public about silicone products, create awareness and drive in sales.

If I were the plaintiff…

If I were the plaintiff in this situation I think the advertising tactics would definitely have an impact on me because they could heavily influence opinion and potential rewards decided upon in my case. I would combat the messaging of Dow Chemicals with an advertising campaign of my own. Its goal would be to show that just because 9 out of 10 products made by Dow Chemicals are good, doesn’t mean that they did not create a bad 10th product that has caused significant harm to its victims.

By telling emotional stories about many of the victims of faulty breast implants, the plaintiff could also play to the public’s emotions as well as hold Dow Chemicals responsible for the damage its silicon breast implant caused. I would use the pro-Dow...

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