Down With Illegal Immigrants Essay

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Down with the Illegal Immigrants
            Over the past few decades America has gained the title a nation of immigrants, but these newcomers are seldom welcomed with open arms.  Mexicans and Latinos elude the United States Border Patrol and are able to settle themselves and their families in the midst of the United States.  They are scattered throughout the land searching for work in places from the farming areas in Georgia to the construction sites in Salt Lake City, Utah.  They are becoming a huge part of today’s society, and no matter where you turn there are immigrants working harder and longer than other workers are on the job.  The truth of the matter is that most immigrants in ...view middle of the document...

He speaks honestly because he just wants hard workers who will do what he wants done, and who will give him the output he needs to keep his business going strong.  He says he would be glad to hire Americans, but so many of them are not willing to give him a good days work.  What my grandfather does, and what many other individuals and businesses do is absolutely wrong and is taking many jobs away from Americans citizens.  This practice of hiring illegal immigrants, which is becoming commonplace, may be cost beneficial to the business owner, but it is putting a tremendous strain on the working class Americans who are suffering in a weak economy and lingering recession. 

A second problem America has to cope with is the increased foreign population created by illegal immigrants.  Often very little birth control is practiced among this group due to lack of education and lack of medical attention.  Some illegal immigrants see more children as more workers.  Health care is a big concern when there are so many illegal children and adults in a country.  This puts a huge strain on health care officials because these immigrants do not have valid insurance.  A survey of 49 counties of varying populations in 24 states found that 30 of these counties saw their costs for uncompensated health care increase over the past two years. Some 27% of those had increases of $1 million to $5 million (Medical Post).  More than half (53%) said recent immigration, both legal and illegal, has been a factor (Medical Post).  With a lack of medical attention most of these immigrants and their children do not receive the proper vision or dental care either.  They are not immunized which creates a whole new problem with the possible spread of diseases.   Housing is also a concern considering the number of children and relatives in these families.  With too many occupants in one household, the supply of food might be limited, sleeping space may be scarce, and the general overall living conditions may be unsafe.  Another problem with the overpopulation of illegal immigrants is that many times the...

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