Downloading Free Music: Right Or Wrong?

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For many teenagers, music is the cultural place they can call their own. It's a way to have fun, relieve stress, cope with depression or stay connected to others. For some it's a way to establish their identity and learn about dealing with life's big issues like love and loss. Sometimes music is ...view middle of the document...

Teens don't get a lot of money and when we do get money we don't want to buy some 20$ cd that we only want because of one song!Artists make a lot of money even without the cd sales. Most of them have clothing lines, perfumes and make-up products that they already get a lot of money for. If they are truly in the business because they love music they shouldn't care weather they get more money.Plus when we download music we get to explore different kinds of music, different cultures and lives. We learn so much from music and it helps us cope with different problems that we may have.I think downloading music should be legal! Its the right thing for teenagers all over the world and it does not harm anybody!

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