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Q2. Talking about Nike contracting with factories, known as “sweatshops”, which is the worst inhumane form of workshop in East Asian context, across developing countries in Asia since 1990s, what is stunning is the recurrent of such saga. Sources of criticism ranging from publications (Naomi Klein’s book “No Logo”) to international broadcasted documentaries (by Michael Moore, and by BBC), and news agency articles (Associated Press) and numerous academic research. The BBC documentary and the AP article were published as recent as in 2011. Though Nike took swift action against each crisis and claimed to curb the practices following each uncovered occurrence, people are in doubt of its ...view middle of the document...

Take heed that both governmental regulations and workforce are bound to change. Accusation and boycott would occur in anywhere in time. But why is Nike so lucky getting away from unethical behaviors and left unpunished? Ironically, we find horrendous growth happen to Nike in the past three decades. Just because Nike is making huge money does not mean that the positive correlation between CSR and profitability (Steiner & Steiner, 2011) has been subverted. A violation of CSR to an extent concerning human rights violation is not an issue that an international firm can take for granted. For Nike, the answer to question #2 is positive, most of all, the sooner the better. For any other international firms, in the same token, the answer is positive while the “multiple bottom line approach” of minimum worldwide standards of employee treatment is the policy. Social conscience must be demonstrated before too late when scandal falls.

Q3. A virtual team does differ from a self-managed team (SMTs) to an extent. In a conventional sense, a self-managed team not only accomplish goals assigned by work-flow design, but also contribute to the bottom line of an organization by its physical presence in the workplace. STMs are commonly found in the form of departments, and divisions or faculties, and schools in a university setting. In an international firm setting, STMs are found in customer service, manufacturing, a plant, or an Internet search service company, for instance, Shenandoah Life, Xerox, Boeing, and Lucent Technologies. Some SMTs embrace members with complex skills, inclusive of scientists and engineers specialized in various academic areas or high-tech disciplines.

The form of a team can be many, but a team, though a virtual team, share a same spirit: "a small number of people with complementary skills who work toward common goals for which they hold themselves mutually accountable". The main difference of virtual teams lies in the large proportion of electronic communication involved instead of counting on physical interaction e.g. sharing an office building and core corporate culture. Just because a virtual team does not always meet often and count on electronic communication (e.g. phone, internet, and today apps, and so on) does not deny its work relationship and accountability and...

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