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“The state of software engineering ethics in Nigeria’s fast improving information and communications technology, implications and way forward”.



Software engineering (SE) is the profession concerned with specifying, designing, developing and maintaining software applications by applying technologies and practices from computer science, project management, and other fields.
SE applications are used in a wide range of activities, from industry to entertainment. Software applications improve user productivity and quality of life. Application software examples: office suites, video games, and the ...view middle of the document...

To ensure that they work for the good side, software engineers must commit themselves to making software engineering a beneficial and respected profession.

In the software world, like in ethical world, if a good belief exists, such as everything will be perfect, things can fall completely on the other side. People think, and make different decisions, but understanding the way how they make those decisions, and discuss the opinions with others, will help reach a better agreement. Underlying some ethical principles, make a job more understandable, but these principles can be applied differently. Often, the reasons for different interpretations hide personal interests, which other people may not agree on. If people at least understand each other's point of view, they will have an idea to try and seek something acceptable toward all of them.

Software engineers shall commit themselves to making the analysis, specification, design, development, testing and maintenance of software a beneficial and respected profession. According to the Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice, engineers have to adhere to the Eight Ethics Principles (SEEPP). First rule talk about the software engineer's action, which has to be in the public interest. They also have to work in a manner that is good for client and employer. As engineering, they have to build products, which meet the highest professional standard possible.

Software engineering ethics can be approached from three directions.
First, it can describe the activity of software engineers making practical choices that affect other people in significant ways. Second, it can be used to describe a collection of principles, guidelines, or ethical imperatives that guide or legislative action, and third, it can be used to name a discipline that studies the relationship between the other two senses of ethics.
Software engineering ethics is clearly both an activity and a body of principles. The discipline of software engineering ethics that studies this activity and formalizes these principles, however, is in its infancy.

Software Engineering Ethical Activity
To avoid confusion, “ethics”, as understood here, addresses any intentional action that impacts negatively or positively the lives and values of others. Software engineering conceives of itself primarily as a technical discipline that develops software. There are a variety of names, such as information systems analyst, for those who engage in professional software development. Regardless of the title used, the focus of software engineering activity is primarily on the technical adequacy of the products developed. But the fact that roughly one billion people depend on software systems to effectively conduct heir daily lives (Reed, 2000) has led many in computing to give more attention to the non-technical aspects and to wrestle with the ethical impact of their daily decisions and the values imbedded therein. The...

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